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Because of a long Doctor’s appointment yesterday, I didn’t really get to weigh in on the HBO/Bob Costas/Buzz Bissinger/Will Leitch hoopla that went on over at HBO on Tuesday night. However, when I got to work, my Google Reader was more than happy to catch me up on what I missed.

And boy, there was a lot.


As for my feelings, well, I’ve been in this industry (the Internet, not sports blogging) for a little while now and the only thing I can say is people like Buzz Bissinger and Bob Costas must feel incredibly threatened by the presence of sports blogs and blogs in general. You can tell this by the way they try to lump them all together like sports blogs are a hive community similar to the Borg.

Or perhaps, something like this (NSF Eyes).

The difference being, we peddle smut and softcore sports stories while the ESPN’s of the world cover real news (Hey Tafoya, get over yourself. Like now.). Whatever the case, this fear is palpable. I mean, what else can explain Bissinger’s juvenile behavior? It was reminiscent of a kid who didn’t get his special toy for Christmas.

While I’m not going to get into a big response here, I’d like to point out one of the better ones I’ve read, written by the awesome Sarah Schorno. As per usual, Sarah hits the nail DIRECTLY on the head in regards to this little back and forth that’s been going on between the two mediums. Like so:

What they, and most blog critics, fail to understand is that both mainstream media and blogs can co-exist peacefully. Bloggers aren’t set out to replace print journalists. They exist to add commentary and color to the news that is reported in print and online every day. Readers don’t use blogs to replace the news they get from the mainstream. They use it to add substance.

Nail, meet hammer. Get used to us guys. Because, to quote one Sean Combs, “We ain’t. Going nowhere. We can’t be stopped. We’re bloggers for life.” We are legion. OK, I’m starting to come off like the Anonymous guys who target Scientology.

But the point remains.