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ESPN’s ESPY award show was filmed last night (will be shown this Sunday) and it’s a good reminder that we, as sports fans, are fully in the grips of the summertime sports blues. While the sporting world waits patiently (or not) for college football to return, we are left with some average soccer as the MLS continues to defy the odds and keeps existing. OK, that’s a little harsh, but still, the fact remains — the MLS is obviously not the EPL. Not even close:

It was very different,” Beckham said. “I haven’t been involved in a game like that since I was 9 or 10 years old, where there were so many goals.”

- David Beckham talking about the 5-4 LA/NY game from last year

We are also waiting for MLB to get closer to its conclusion; or at least for a time where it’s not the only show in town.

If you aren’t a baseball purist (and there are plenty in the sports blogosphere) then all you can do is wait. Fortunately, we do have the 2008 Summer Olympics coming up but the interest isn’t what it used to be. Whatever. I’ll be fine watching Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt go at it to determine who actually is the world’s fastest man. Of course, there are the team sports in the Olympics as well.

Things like basketball, soccer and baseball are represented and should generate some buzz. However, in order to enjoy the Olympics this year, you’ll probably have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn (13-hour time difference from Kansas City) to see many of these events live — or you could wait for NBC’s evening/pre-taped coverage. By then, you’ll probably already know who won the event you’ve been wanting to watch.

For you golfers out there, The British Open started today, but if a golf tournament is played without the presence that Woods guy, will anyone be around to watch it?

So what we are left with is essentially our ability to be patient. Be patient for the return of football. Be patient with the MLB and its seemingly never-ending march towards the postseason; because, the closer it gets to the World Series, the closer we are to football and basketball returning. In the meantime, we simply have to tolerate the Brett Favre stories of the world — and just think, NFL Training Camps haven’t even opened yet.

Lord knows what the reaction will be like when the Packers begin. Can you say, “media circus?” I thought you could. For now, try and enjoy the upcoming Olympics. Yes, I know the coverage is going to be hard to keep up with but 08 Games have a number of storylines worth following.

Think of it like this — the Opening Ceremonies are on August 8th and the Closing Ceremonies are on the 26th, which is a Tuesday. College football kicks-off the following Thursday. If nothing else, you can use the Olympics as an unofficial timekeeper, counting down the last few days before Tim Tebow takes over the sports world.