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Google released their 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist, and as expected, names like “Obama” and “Sarah Palin” represented quite well.

Oh, those feisty hockey moms.

Speaking of hockey, Google also analyzed search terms related to sports and as one might expect, the New York Giants had the highest search volume, reaching a peak in January that couldn’t be overtaken in the following 11 months:


The sports Zeitgeist didn’t just focus on search volume either as they broke their analysis down to specifics.

* Most searched baseball team — Boston Red Sox
* Most searched Olympic sport — Gymnastics (thanks, Alicia Sacramone!!!)
* Most searched NBA team — LA Lakers (kind of a surprise considering Boston’s finish)
* Most searched NHL team — Detroit Red Wings
* NFL team — New York Giants (obviously)
* Soccer team — Manchester United

However, the biggest surprise was the most searched rivalry game. That honor went to the Red River Shootout, even though ESPN tells us North Carolina/Duke is the biggest one in sports, ever. Not according to the Google-using public.

Duke/Carolina didn’t even make the top-ten rivalries list.

It should also be noted that “Beijing 2008″ was the second-fastest rising global search term, exceeding the mere “sports” label.