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Devil May Care

We’re almost upon the First Saturday in May, which, of course, means the 136th Kentucky Derby is almost upon us. Throughout it’s long history, there have only been three fillies to win horse racing’s individual crown jewel. Will the 2010 running yield a fourth? If so, the odds are good that filly could wind up being Devil May Care. According to some, Devil May Care, much like Rachel Alexander was in 2009, could be the best three-year old racing horse for the 2010 racing season.

In order to quantify the hype — at least to casual horse racing fan (guilty) — Devil May Care will need to win the Derby, something a filly hasn’t accomplished since 1988. The question is, how good are her chances to become the fourth winning filly ever? According to her trainers, the odds are good:

“She wants a mile and a quarter,” [Devil May Care trainer Todd] Pletcher said. “I think she relishes that. It’s a big challenge for any horse, filly, colt, gelding, whatever. But we really like the way she’s trained all along. She’s trained alongside these colts, and she’s breezed really well. I like her draw.”

For those who think fillies shouldn’t run against the colts, DMC’s owner, John Greathouse (great last name) doesn’t share your sentiment, naturally:

“Good fillies, internationally, run against good colts all the time,” Greathouse said. “Why it seems to be taboo here in the United States is beyond me. Good animals are capable of overcoming those things.

“When you look at this filly, she’s not going to look like some dainty little thing. She’s a good size, big strong filly, and she’ll take care of them herself.”

Is it time for a fourth filly to join the illustrious group of previous Kentucky Derby winners? Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out where in racing history she belongs. When the gate drops on Saturday, Devil May Care will be running out of the 11 spot, which should protect her from getting pushed against the rail — unless, of course, her jockey, John Velazquez, wants her to go there.