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Big Brown

With the Belmont Stakes coming this Saturday — and a potential Triple Crown winner — the sports world again turns its gaze towards the horse racing industry and this year, all eyes are watching Big Brown. Can the horse with the UPS tie-in complete the Triple Crown, something that hasn’t been done in, well, a freaking long time? Will his cracked left hoof hold up to a 1.5 mile gallop while carrying jockey Kent Desormeaux?

If the reports are from today’s test run are to be believed, it certainly looks like Big Brown will be up to the challenge on Saturday but will he be able to hold off the seemingly made-for-the-Belmont thoroughbred in Casino Drive? Trainer Rick Dutrow, Jr. doesn’t seemed concerned:

“There’s not any issues with our horse,” Dutrow said. “He’s right on target. He’s by far the best horse in the race.”

These comments come on the heels of a little horse-racing trash talk from from the Big Brown camp towards Casino Drive and the rest of the field.

Obviously, Dutrow isn’t worried about the safety or ability of his horse (and by safety, I’m referring to whether or not the cracked hoof would give Big Brown problems).

In other Big Brown news, after he retires, the horse has certainly has his future planned out — one of impregnating willing mares. According to reports, Big Brown will receive $100,000 each time he gets a female horse pregnant… and I thought Las Vegas hookers were expensive. Of course, you don’t get to impregnate one either (eww), but I digress.

Finally, it has been revealed the final resting place of Eight Belles will indeed be at Churchill Downs.