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Yes, it’s true. The only time I cover sports like the Tour de France is when something like this happens, or if LiveStrong wins. Since the latter probably isn’t happening this year — Buck up, Lance. Second place isn’t anything to turn your nose up at. — I’m left with posting painful face plants, courtesy of Jens Voigt.

All apologies, Jens.

What stood out to me, besides the obvious, was the fact that Voigt actually skidded after his fall, which no doubt exacerbated his injuries. FanHouse has the prognosis:

The injuries Voigt sustained included a concussion, a broken orbital bone under one eye, and gashes on his right side that required stitches.

Wow. Who says bike riding isn’t a contact sport? If that’s your stance, you might want to consider the road the racers ride on. It not only never ends, it also bites back if you lose control of your steed.