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As a passive/aggressive pacifist — try living with that walking contradiction — I’m opposed to pretty much any situation that allows for unnecessary violence and injury. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t apply that kind of thinking to sports like football, boxing and MMA, because the participants are willing to endure whatever punishment they take. The same is not true for bulls when it comes to bull-fighting.

The sacrificial bull never asks to participate in the blood sport devoted to their existence, so when if a bull happens to get the upper-hand in these displays of cruelty, I immediately root for the rampaging bull. Even if one goes into the stands and injures spectators, as demonstrated in the lead video.

And this is where the passive/aggressive side of me being a pacifist comes into play:

Normally, I wouldn’t want to see any spectators injured, but in this case, these folks were willingly attending the senseless slaughtering of a bull; and so, when the bull turned the tables and goes into the stands, I don’t feel a deep sense of sorrow for the people who were in its path. Yeah, it’s a hypocritical stance, but I stand by what I feel.

Conversely, in an article discussing the incident, it says a 10-year old boy is in intensive care after he got trampled, and that’s where my sorrow would be directed. I have little doubt the hospitalized child was taken to the modern-day gladiator spectacle by his parents, so I would consider what happened to him to be regretful, but not the adults who were actively cheering for the bull’s demise.

As for the bull, it, of course, was put to death when control of the beast was regained. What a pathetic waste. If they didn’t have bull-fighting to begin with, the bull wouldn’t feel the need to escape, and there’d be no 10-year olds in the hospital due to being trampled while attending such a destructive, cruel display.

/End soap-box post.
//Hat-tip to the Boston section of Barstool Sports for the video.