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Ah, college rivalries. According to some media outlets, the best rivalry in sports is driven by a passion that comes from attending an extended education institution of choice — not to mention, a strong dislike for an opposing school in the region. Such is the case with Florida and Florida State fans. The two entities don’t like each other much, and sometimes, as this awesome find by Busted Coverage shows us, these animosities can come to head.

Even during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.

What the above video shows is a Florida fan who tries to show out with a group of Florida State fans, one of whom takes exception to the Gator fan’s advances. After that, we’re playing the feud — and unlike the football field, Florida State actually bests the University of Florida’s offering, complete with a bloody face and all. Good times.

I’m wondering if the argument started over Tim Tebow versus well, um, no Florida State quarterback past few seasons has really mattered, but the point remains, or if the scrape up was over a Mardi Gras bead exchange gone bad?