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Bacombardi Trophy

That masterpiece of culinary greatness (and bacon) is called the Bacon Lombardi Trophy, or Bacombardi Trophy for short, and thanks to a great find from our friends over at BBQ Addicts blog, we now know what a Super Bowl trophy made entirely out of bacon looks like.

They should’ve sent a poet.

According to their post, this monstrosity of bacon madness was created by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout, and naturally, it was made for their recent Super Bowl party. All I can say after seeing the pictures is “Damn, that is beautiful.” In fact, if the NFL decided to nix the current Lombardi Trophy in favor of this testament to the power of bacon, I don’t think anyone would complain.

Of course, you’d have to make a new one each season, but then again, that’s the price you’d have to pay for handing 300-pound slabs of muscle a trophy made of that much delicious bacon.