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Think being a great NFL player can get passed down through the generations? With the emergence of Clay Matthews as defensive (and hair) god for the Green Bay Packers, questions now abound on whether the team will pick up his younger brother, Casey, from the draft.

The Matthews boys come from a long line of great players. his dad, Clay Jr., played almost two full decades for the Browns and Falcons. His uncle, Bruce, played for the Oilers, and his grandfather, Clay Sr., played with the 49ers.

All of them did well, so they weren’t a flash in the pan, although I don’t know if they all had the magnificent hair that Clay does. I do know that Casey has the hair, so maybe there will be opportunities for joint hair commercials. Wouldn’t that be special?

Clay was drafted in the Packers first round in 2009, and this year the team could pick up Casey, who has been kicking butt with the University of Oregon. The two brothers are much different players, however. Casey is lighter by 20 pounds and wouldn’t serve in the pass-rusher spot like his brother. Not that the team needs another one. They could let go of a couple veterans in the inside linebacker area, and if they do that Casey might be a pick to make.

Casey says he wouldn’t mind playing in Green Bay, but that he doesn’t “know how people might perceive it. You’re playing in the shadow of your brother. That’s what it would start out as. I would like to prove them wrong.”

Agreed. The kid would be compared continually to Clay throughout the first couple years at least. While that could still happen if he goes to another team, it would be much less so. Besides that, Green Bay is finally getting over comparisons of players in the quarterback position (who shall remain nameless) and they don’t need to start that up again with a new set of players and positions. While Casey would no doubt be a good player to pick up, I think Green Bay should pass on him.