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Football season just ended and if you’re like me you’re probably already missing it. So let me depress you some more, according to CNN, the NFL owners “will continue to generate much of their revenue in 2011, even if next season’s games are cancelled” AND if that wasn’t bad enough, “some teams may be able to survive two years without any games being played.”

Standard & Poor’s took a look at debt and income generation to determine this very bleak figure. Now, the owners would have to pay that money back (mostly to the TV networks and sponsors) but wouldn’t need to do so until games were up and running again. Essentially, they get a loan.

The good news, of course, is that players and owners are still talking about this. But doesn’t the whole mess make you sick to your stomach? As a fan who probably saves up to attend a game, to see the money that people are making (and managing to complain about) it makes me want to boycott football.

Yeah. I said it.

Of course, I’ll never do that. That’s the problem, we love our game. There is a new collective bargaining agreement deadline for Friday, which would mean LOCKOUT, Y’ALL! But hopefully they’ll work something out before then. With a two-year potential for teams to sit things out, the players are the ones who are on the short side here. Many of their careers will only go three or four years as it is.

Need a final dose of nausea? There is a “reserve fund of about $900 million that teams can access in case of a work stoppage.” Well, it’s good to sock money away for a rainy day.