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The strength of the NBA lies in its ability to provide head-to-head match ups of the league’s brightest stars. The NBA is a a players league and because of that, when two of its upper-echelon players play against each other, it normally provides some entertaining theatre. Take LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for instance: Last night’s Miami/Cleveland game was the topper of the NBA’s 24 Hours of LeBron James celebration, and these two went at it as Miami spoiled LeBron’s birthday celebration to the tune of 104-95.

As expected, each opposing player led their respective teams with LeBron going for 38 points and 7 assists while Wade replied with 21 points and 12 assists. But the highlight of these two going at it was not the offensive fireworks they provided. No, it was each player’s ability to block shots that got everybody’s attention. In the lead video, Wade blocks James. Later, LeBron got a little payback, but I doubt it makes up for the new addition to Cleveland’s “L” column.

While he didn’t shoot as well as James did, Wade got the best of him in the win column, which, after all the individual play, is what actually matters.

H-t to the Hoop Doctors for the videos.