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Lakers, Celtics

As most NBA fans know, Christmas Day is a big day for televised NBA games because that’s when they appear on national television, as opposed to being a cable-only venture. This year, however, it looks like ABC lucked out by having one of the most anticipated regular season games ever to anchor the premiere of the NBA on network television.

And yes, I did say “one of the most anticipated regular season games, ever” — especially for those of you who aren’t content to watch the game in the confines of your home while the remainder of Christmas Day winds down. No, the demand is so high because people want to go to the game and because of that, ticket prices for the Lakers/Celtics game are absolutely soaring.

According to reports, the average resale price of these tickets is in excess of $300. The demand is so high, even people who are friends with Laker players have stopped asking for help:

“This game is in such high demand that people have actually been staying away,” [Lamar Odom] said. “They’re like, ‘Let me come to any game, but don’t worry about the Boston game.’ Maybe they’re bringing it up, so I’ll offer it to them anyway. It could just be a mind game.”

Just in case you were wondering, yes, Ticket Solutions (IF’s parent company), does have tickets to the Lakers/Celtics Christmas Day game.