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It’s 1-1 in the Western Conference Finals as the Oklahoma City Thunder responded to their Game One loss with more great offense — I’m not sure the phrase “playoff defense” will, at any point, apply to this series — largely in part to James Harden’s beastly fourth quarter performance. Harden drained 10 crucial points in the deciding fourth as the Thunder held off the Mavericks, 106-100.

While Harden was indeed playing the role of closer quite successfully, the highlight of Game Two, however, was when Kevin Durant literally threw the ball down on Brendan Haywood. It wasn’t so much a dunk as it was a “get the **** out of the way” smash, something similar to Blake Griffin’s highly-celebrated throw down on the New York Knicks.

The difference being, Durant’s dunk came during the Conference Finals, making much more important than Griffin’s regular season offering.

First, the video:

Too bad that interrupted J.J. Barea’s introduction, no? Now for the image:


And that, friends, should be hanging on the wall of every Thunder/Durant fan in the world… Especially in Oklahoma City, anyway.

As for the series, it looks like it could very easily go seven games, with each team scoring over 700 cumulative points as it continues. Again, defensive gurus need not apply to the Mavs/Thunder series, because you’d probably pull your hair out as either Nowitzki, Durant or, in this case, Harden, continues to make mockeries of set defenses.

In fact, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if one of these upcoming games finished with a 130-129 score. Good thing Tom Thibodeau isn’t on either of these coaching staffs. Such offensive displays would probably make his head explode. Game 3 is Saturday night in Oklahoma City. Any guesses on the combined final score?