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No, the Texas slugger isn’t participating in tonight’s Home Run Derby, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy his incredible 28-homer round from last year. The funny thing is, because totals don’t carry over to the final round, and because Hamilton couldn’t reproduce his first round magic, he wound up losing to Justin Morneau.

This year’s Derby features names like Pujols, Howard, and Fielder; as well as Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Inge, Nelson Cruz, and Dustin Pedoria’s replacement, Carlos Pena. For what it’s worth, Pena is leading the AL in home runs (24). Of course, the perceived favorite, Albert Pujols, is leading all of MLB with 32 dingers. Lest we forget, this year’s All Star festivities are taking place in St Louis, making Pujols’ favoritism all the more legitimate.

And that’s why I’m picking Ryan Howard to win. It seems like the person expected to win usually doesn’t. Ain’t that right, Garret Anderson?

In case watching balls fly over fences to the melodic home run calls of Chris Berman isn’t enough enjoyment, make sure you try out Home Run Derby’s annual drinking game — provided, that is, you don’t mind if your liver doesn’t lead a long and productive life.

If, however, you have one of those unruly livers who doesn’t know its place or how to be quiet, HRD’s drinking game is the perfect way to silence it… Or inspire it to commit an outright revolt against you and your body’s evil ways.