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Have you seen the 30,000 square foot home that Derek Jeter just built in Tampa, Florida? Folks in the area are calling it the “House That Derek Jeter Built” or even “St. Jetersburg” because it is the “biggest home in Hillsborough County.” Heck, it’s one of the biggest homes in any county.

The house has seven – count ‘em – seven bedrooms. So if you want to visit Mr. Jeter, I’m sure he’d be happy to let you stay in an extra room. (Or not. Probably not.)

The place also has nine bathrooms, which makes me wonder…. only seven bedrooms but nine bathrooms? Wouldn’t you normally have equal to or lesser than the number of bedrooms? Who is using all these bathrooms? Apparently he has a lot of company over that need to use the facilities.

Like the smart celeb he is, Jeter also bought the adjacent homes. (It’s that whole celeb thing where people who aren’t celebs may try to go to the adjacent house and take pictures. Not that that’s why I do, but some people have problems like that.)

I tried to think of a good housewarming present, and really the only thing I could come up with a bunch of toilet paper to go in those nine bathrooms.