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Franklin County Flyers

Now that the NBA and the college ranks have adopted an instant replay variation, allowing them to check for game/shot clock violations and other anomalies, it appears as if high school basketball is in desperate need of such an alteration as well. Just ask the Flyers of Franklin County, Kentucky. The state of Kentucky is currently in the process of seeding their high Sweet Sixteen tournament; something that’s done with regional tournaments where the respective winners advance to the state championship.

In one of the quarterfinal games, Franklin County played Lexington powerhouse Henry Clay, and it looked like the Flyers would advance, thanks to a last-second shot that clearly went in before the game clock expired.

Unfortunately, the referees waved the shot off, saying it happened after time ran out — something the video shows as false. Unfortunately, there’s no instant replay in Kentucky high school basketball, and, because of that, a team is being punished due to in-game officials making a horrible game-deciding call. In fact, the call was so poor, the crew should be punished for their mistake. Editorials aside, it’s obvious high school basketball needs to catch up with their big-league counterparts, because there’s no reason those kids should suffer because three referees don’t believe what their eyes told them.

As I indicated, the video shows just how wrong the referees were:

Imagine if LeBron James were robbed in such fashion. David Stern would turn into Regan MacNeil, complete with green pea soup spitting and proclamations of mothers performing fellatio in hell.

Not surprisingly, Franklin County’s coach felt something similar:

Did [Franklin County coach Scott] Chalk think [Lyndon] McKee’s shot was good? “No,” he said. “I know it was good. It hit the backboard before the (red) light went on. It was obviously good. It’s unconscionable for that to happen. There’s absolutely no reason for that to happen.”

So yeah, KHSAA, you might want to take steps to prevent such an injustice from happening again. Sure, it’s not as logistically feasible as it is for college and pro teams, but then again, the idea of robbing a deserving winner is enough to take appropriate actions to prevent it from happening again.

Use some of that money Jim Bunning saved us.