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Tom Watson

Tom Watson and his incredible sweater are leading the British Open at five-under par. In other news, Tom Watson is a bigger pimp than you or I could possibly imagine. And yes, that sweater just oozes excellence, domination and awesome-ness. Oh, and for those of you who don’t think he can be a pimp with sweater like that, think again.

The eloquent BBC has more on Watson’s turn-back-the-clock performance (so far):

All the talk though was of Watson and the memories of 1977 evoked by his superb round.

“I feel inspired playing here,” he said. “I feel like I’m playing well enough to win the golf tournament.

“It doesn’t feel a whole lot out of the ordinary from 32 years ago except that I don’t have the confidence in my putting as I had 32 years ago.”

Watson, the oldest player in the tournament, was partnered in the first round with 29-year-old Sergio Garcia and 16-year-old Italian amateur Matteo Manassero, the youngest player in the field.

Watson outplayed both, with Garcia carding a 70 and Manassero 71.

He also outplayed that Tiger Woods guy — one-over — who might need yesterday’s description changed, especially when it concerns the 2009 Major Championships. Although, top ten finishes at this year’s US Open and Masters are nothing to turn your nose up at — unless you are Tiger Woods and the whole world expects you to win every time you touch a golf club.