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Cry Me a River

No one cares. Well, except maybe the TMZ addicts, but other than that, no one really cares if you let Tiger Woods run through you, just like those two guys sitting next to you in the lead image are getting ready to do. I’m sorry, is a second-rate video whore really the spokesperson for the ills of cheating on your spouse? The reason I’m posting this is because after Woods’ “Is this really necessary” press conference later today, James is having a follow-up presser to respond.

How James became the the face of Tiger’s mistresses is beyond me — I’d much prefer Uchitel — but yet, there she’ll be, asking people to forget about the fact she let tons of dudes rail her for money — at the same time, in many cases — and focus on the fact that “she’s hurting inside since the news of Tiger’s fun broke” or some other such nonsense.

It should be noted I have absolutely nothing against porn or porn stars. I’m simply asking should we be so eager to embrace “the pain” of a person who gets double-teamed for a living?

Or someone who allows herself to be a pathetic marketing tool for local Atlanta strip clubs?

The fact that she’s given even the tiniest amount of concern and attention, as if what she’s saying is legitimate and not the musings of a huckster trying to hold on to her newfound mainstream fame, fame she got from letting a married man do dirty stuff to her behind his wife’s back, is boggling. If James feels so “betrayed” by Woods, how does she feel when Mr. Porno Star and his willing partners do their business in one (or all) of her orifices, and then simply get up, wipe off and go on to the next adult movie set?

Does she feel the same pain Tiger caused her? Somehow, I doubt it.

Of course, it could all be me. Perhaps I’m just too jaded. I mean, why on earth would I be so eager to discount someone who is clearly trying to turn a quick buck (link is NSFW), all because she was nasty enough in the sack to satisfy the appetites of Tiger Woods?

In other news, I’ve been hoping for a the concept of “self respect” to return. Obviously, that’s a futile effort — especially when folks like Joslyn James are involved.