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Daniella Sarahyba

Our last SI feature of the day is Daniella Sarahyba, another Brazilian who looks absolutely stunning, especially that megawatt smile of hers. According to her personal information, Daniella started swimsuit modeling when she was 12, count ‘em, TWELVE years old. Apparently, the term “they start them early down there” was meant for Brazil’s modeling industry. Now that she’s safely legal, I have no problem enjoying everything Daniella brings to the table. From what I understand, she too likes guys named “Chris Richardson,” helping her get this coveted spot even more.

Could you imagine what Rio’s Carnival would be like if she was on your arm? As long as you can handle everybody in the place looking at who you arrived with, it’d all be gravy. Just make sure to leave your insecurities at home because a woman like Daniella would surely test them.

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Daniella Sarahyba Daniella Sarahyba Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella Sarahyba Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella Sarahyba

This concludes our spotlight focus on the 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition. There’s a ton of content out there, most of it here, so if these last three posts aren’t enough, open another tab and have at it.