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Cintia Dicker

It’s Sports Illustrated’s week, apparently. First there was the A-Rod business (still don’t care), and today, their Swimsuit Edition hit the intertubes — and the reaction is absolutely everywhere. So, instead of simply reviewing the issue or the like, I’m simply going to focus on a few of the models that stood out to me. Warning: These posts will not include Brooklyn Decker, Bar Refaeli or Danica Patrick. These ladies are already famous and don’t need any help of mine. No, instead, I’m focusing on perhaps some of the more unknown models who happened to catch my eye.

Oh, and no Jessica Gomes either. I’ve already established my affection for her. No use beating another dead horse with these posts.

My first spotlight focuses on SI rookie Cintia Dicker, a stunning redhead from Brazil, who also happens to have German blood coursing through her veins. Let’s see — red hair, fiery Brazilian with German blood. I doubt many people have ever won an argument against her.

Anyway, enough of my gab. On with the pics:

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Cintia Dicker Cintia Dicker Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker Cintia Dicker Cintia Dicker

Did I mention there’s something incredible about those damn redheads? Because there is. I’ll be back with a couple more posts like this shortly.