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NSFW Cricket

I lived in England for the better part of 12 years — military brat — making me vaguely familiar with cricket; well, enough to know it wasn’t quite for me. I do not, however, recall seeing cricket fans acting like the randy lass in the image above me — nor in the video after the jump. What we have is simply a great find by our namesake, Unprofessional Foul (via, With Leather) of two lovely ladies enjoying some afternoon bowling and batting from the comfort of what looks like a box seat. One of the girls is on the phone when the person she’s talking to evidently lets her know her and her friend are on-camera.

Her friend makes the most of their fleeting fame by giving us something to remember her by:



And look, the channel in question didn’t even edit the feed, which is another reason why I love Europeans so much. Had that happened in an American sporting event — say the Super Bowl — there’s no telling the kind of fallout the FCC would’ve unleashed. Oh wait, I take that back. Good thing there weren’t any American helicopter parents watching.

Hell hath no fury like a soccer mom protecting her children from unwanted female breast viewing.