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“Sometimes I dream, that he is me. I dream I move, I dream I grove… Like Dad. If I can be like Dad (I wanna be, I wanna be like Dad)…”
Sung to the tune of “Like Mike” from the Gatorade commercials.

Ohhhh no he didn’t. Like father, like son? Perhaps not completely for Central Florida’s Marcus Jordan, but he certainly has traits of the Jordan gene that helped his father dominate the sport of basketball so thoroughly. His acrobatic layup-scoop-shot-hybrid-thingy was certainly proof of that. Not only does the younger Jordan have some of his father’s athleticism, he also has the ability to score the ball as well. In three of his last six games, Jordan has scored over the 20-point threshold, including two back-to-back 26 point games.

Granted, these were buffered by two seven point outings — both Central Florida wins, mind you — but then again, that’s why the song says “Like Mike” and not, “be Mike.”

H/t to new IF writer Tony and his Jordan McCabe post for giving me the idea for the title.