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Kevin Durant on Jimmer Fredette

Kevin Durant Loves Jimmer Fredette

With no disrespect towards Kemba Walker, the best scoring guard in college basketball’s Q-rating is soaring to “off-the-charts” levels as more and more people gain exposure of Jimmer Fredette’s sweet-shooting ways. Fredette, while leading his BYU Cougars — currently 20-1 thanks the beatdown of San Diego State — is taking the nation by storm, albeit, it’s slow-burning one.

Some of us knew about him before this season, but I digress.

Leading the way for the Cougars against previously-undefeated San Diego State was, of course, Fredette, who scored 43 points, thanks to an efficient 14-24 from the field, including 5-8 from behind the arc. Oh, and he was 10-11 from the free throw line, emphasizing just how good a shooter he really is. If that doesn’t do the trick, perhaps his NCAA-leading 27.4 points per game average will.

And like the lead tweet indicates, other, perhaps more prominent figures in the sports world are taking notice, namely, one Kevin Durant. Durant’s love for Fredette and Jimmer’s ability to score came shortly after Durant dropped 47 points on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Coming from perhaps the best basketball scoring machine in the world, that’s quite the compliment. Further, I think it’s safe to say Durant will want Fredette to at least try out for the 2012 Olympic basketball team.

You can never have enough shooters, especially in international play.

As for Fredette Mania, it’s popularity is growing so well, even his brother, would-be rapper TJ Fredette, is riding the wake left behind by his brother’s incredible shooting. Just check out last night’s pregame fun, featuring the younger Fredette’s rapping skills:

There’s nothing wrong with a little inadvertent nepotism. ┬áSome highlights of Jimmer’s hot-shooting:

It’s easy to see why the Kevin Durants of the world are so enamored with Fredette’s game. So, while Jimmer-Mania runs wild, who’s your player of the year? Does Fredette already have a lock on the award or can Kemba Walker wrestle it away?

Whatever happens, it will be fun watching these two demonstrate just who the best shooting guard in college basketball is.