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Chris Wright

Besides copious amounts of food and weight-gaining, Thanksgiving also provides a veritable smorgasbord of highlight-worthy sports, especially from the world of college basketball. Starting last week and continuing on until Christmas, there are about a thousand different pre-conference basketball tournaments — fertile ground for athletes who make dunking over defenders look like one of the easiest things to do in sports.

Even though the 2008-09 season is still in its early stages, there have already been some spectacular dunks; so many in fact, there’s already a couple of debates brewing about the dunk of the year and who is the best dunker in college — and just think, conference play hasn’t even started yet. With that in mind, who is the best dunker in college basketball?

Is it Chris Wright from Dayton? Paul George from Fresno? How about Duke’s Gerald Henderson? Being the good soldiers we are, we’ve collected some of these “preseason” dunks to help you along with such a decision.

Paul George – Fresno State

George got the season off with a loud bang with his dunk over the entire St. Mary’s frontline.

Gerard Anderson – Cal State Fullerton

Now that, my friends, is a posterization. Look out below, indeed.

Jeff Teague – Wake Forest

A lot of people are really high on Teague’s dunk and rightfully so. It must be an awesome feeling to throw down on someone during a fast break. Nevertheless, I think Teague’s — while being quite spectacular — is sort of run-of-the-mill (on a relative basis, of course) when compared to some of these other dunks. Bonus = Teague’s dunking on Gerard Anderson, who appears above.

Gerald Henderson – Duke

I doubt this choice will be as popular as the others, especially for UNC fans. We cannot, however, allow grudges and personal feelings to interfere with the fact Gerald Henderson can absolutely dunk the damn ball.

Chris Wright – Dayton

We save the best for last: Chris Wright is an absolute dunking beast. Just ask Marquette’s Maurice Acker. Some are estimating Wright got close to 70-inches of elevation on his absolute mugging of a dunk.

So, at this early juncture, which player has provided your favorite dunk so far? And which one of these guys is the best dunker? I’m sure there are a lot of players I’m leaving out of this little impromptu list, but that’s their fault for not making YouTube. ;)