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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Russell Westbrook’s Sick Dunk Over Odom

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Westbrook Dunk

While everyone is rightfully on Kevin Durant’s jock during the Oklahoma City/Los Angeles series, the arrival of Russell Westbrook is just as enjoyable to watch. Known as an impressive athlete with potential to be a good basketball player, Westbrook is blooming into an All-Star type right before our very eyes, and at the expense of folks like Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom, making the revelation of Westbrook’s game that much better. Last night, he announced his arrival in a big way by throwing down a vicious dunk over the aforementioned Odom.

Memo to Lamar: when you are that late with the defensive rotation, just let the young buck have it. Otherwise, folks like me will have a field day with it.

Video after the jump >>

It’s March Madness, Baby

Is today Christmas or something, because there’s a distinct feeling of something great happening today? In fact, when I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was, “it’s Tournament time, bitch.” And yes, those were my exact thoughts when I became lucid. So what does today hold? Maybe a Stephen Curry-like discovery of a player we may not be aware of? If we’re lucky. Perhaps a Bryce Drew recreation? One can only hope.

Anyway, I’ll be here ALL DAY updating you as needed. It’s almost time, folks. Here’s some video to get you in the mood even more: After the jump >>

Reebok’s Viral Ads are Full of Naked Goodness

Reebok Body
Image is unrelated, save being Reebok. I just like the picture

First, it was Chuck Liddel and his very stacked girlfriend, Holly Northcott, working out in the buff, and now, we have the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson running through the woods with his, well, Johnson hanging out. Naturally, Reebok pixelates all the R-rated stuff, but one’s imagination can fill in the digitized boxes if one chooses to (with Northcott, that’s a big yes).

The common denominator in these naked commercials are the shoes the focal points are wearing, and considering the title of this post, the name should be quite clear. Apparently, these ads are the next step in Reebok’s evolution, one that began in earnest when they introduced the Easy Tone commercial girl (Jessica Felice) into our lives.

Video after the jump >>

Which Alabama Defensive Play was Bigger?


Marcell Dareus is now a star (not pictured, I just liked the image). That kinda thing happens when you knock Colt McCoy out of the biggest game of his life. Said stardom is only catapulted by the touchdown return that brought a crazy first half to the close. But a question arises: Which defensive play was bigger? Dareus’ touchdown return or Eryk Anders’ late-game sack of Garrett Gilbert, a hit that caused Gilbert to fumble away Texas’ comeback chances? Before we choose, let’s revisit. First. Dareus:

And now for Anders:

While Dareus’ play directly resulted in points, Anders did as well, only it took three more plays, while taking precious time off the clock. Not only that, but Anders’ sack, once again, the Tide’s first of the evening, helped kill the chances of a suddenly-confident Texas team. When Anders recorded his sack, the Longhorns had fought all the way back, trailing Bama by only three points. Of course, both answers could very well be wrong here. The hit that took McCoy out was the not only the defense’s, but the game’s biggest play.

Granted, Dareus’ hit didn’t look like a knockout blow, but then again, that’s easy for me to say from my warm and comfortable office chair.

The Bengals Shut Terry Bradshaw Up

What was that, Terry? You were saying something along the lines of the Bengals beating Pittsburgh at home is akin to you winning a fight against Howie Long, right? Well, from the looks of it, you’d whip Howie up and down the field with great special teams and exceptional defense. And therein lies the beauty of guarantees in the world of sports. If you get it right, you look like a guru or a pundit.

If you don’t, you look much like Bradshaw does here: a buffoon.

For those of you who like to make season-opening wagers — you know, when the odds have been set according to last season’s results — and put money on the Bengals, your bet is looking smarter and smarter every week. Did I just call the Bengals a Super Bowl team? Not quite. In fact, as a fan, I don’t even want to hear those words, but with less than half the season remaining, you have to like their chances at making a strong finish.

How strong? That, my friends, will be determined by how well the Bengals defense continues to play.

H/t to Larry Brown Sports for the video find.

Terrell Owens Still Wants to Help Dallas

T.O.’s toe is feeling better, but because he’ll be missing the Buffalo Bills preseason game against Pittsburgh, he’s offering his services to his old team, via Twitter, of course. Now, while I’m sure the sentiment about filling for Roy Williams is appreciated, you have to believe if Tony Romo saw this, his first reaction would be involuntary regurgitation, followed by him blaming Jessica Simpson for everything.

The US Rips Spain

Apparently, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore got my message about nuking the Spanish team from orbit, because in what could be one of the more improbable victories in Team USA’s soccer history, the boys from the United States absolutely shocked the on-a-35-game-non-losing-streak Spanish by the score of 2-0. The lead video features Dempsey’s second goal which put the game out of reach.

Altidore’s is after the jump.

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Are The Lakers Likeable? (NBA Finals)

Kobe Bryant

Are the Lakers too aloof to be loved as champions or did Kobe’s surly attitude before last night’s series-clinching win turn folks off? Now that Kobe’s in smile mode, will he be remembered for his looks of relief and joy or more for the jaw-jutting gritty face/perpetual scowl he was wearing before the Finals ended? While the focal point of this post so far has been Bryant, reading T.J Simers’ column, the attitudes that stop him from loving the Lakers aren’t restricted to just newly-minted Finals MVP.

More on the Lakers’ “like” quotient after the jump >>