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Archive for the ‘Tennis’ Category

Serena’s Legs Are Amazing

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Serena Williams

No, this post is not a call for Serena Williams to get herself into tennis-playing shape, ala, Jason Whitlock. Instead, it’s an admiring post, one that draws attention to the reason why Serena hits such powerful shots: her amazing, cut-from-alabaster legs. Is it wrong for me to think she could actually get the rim on a dunk attempt? If her legs have any say in the matter, she just might.

If not that, perhaps she could try out as a place-kicker — the Cincinnati Bengals need some help in that department. It honestly looks like splitting the uprights with 50-yard bombs would be commonplace for Serena and her amazing legs.

As for her Wimbledon efforts, Serena and her sister were knocked out of the doubles competition, but she still has a chance to win her fourth all-grass singles title.

Rafa Nadal’s Got it Like That

Rafa Nadal

And we, most assuredly, do not. I mean, how many of you wear a timepiece on your wrist that costs over half-a-million dollars when you playing in the French Open? Considering the chirping crickets, the answer is zero, quite clearly (half-a-mil watch-wearers or French Open candidates); and that, folks, is one of the many, many things separating us from the world of professional athletes.

Thanks to a post in Men’s Fitness, we’ve learned the watch Nadal is wearing comes from the Richard Mille watchmakers, and while it’s not as visibly-flashy as a Rolex, apparently the craftsmanship is second-to-none.

Of course, for a $525,000 watch, it damn well better be.

According to the MF post, only 50 of these gems will be produced, meaning only 49 more will available to the world. Obviously, at that price, only a special few have the means to even think about purchasing one. Speaking of, one wonders if Nadal’s was a comp/gift or if he actually forked over some of his hard-earned winnings.

For some reason, I’m going with the former.

Serena Gives Good Interview

Yeah, this is a little dated, considering the way time works in the blogosphere, but nevertheless, I found it quite entertaining. And truthful; although, this is just the audio portion of Serena Williams’ post-Wimbledon victory press conference. One thing’s for certain: The picture placeholder being used is quite keen, if, for nothing else, for Serena’s awesome “Are You Looking At My Titles” t-shirt. Perhaps the shirt — and its message — was meant for Jason Whitlock as a preemptive retaliation; because we all know he is indeed looking.

Just not at her titles.

In other news, how in all that’s holy is Serena not the number one women’s player in the world? Perhaps she should get some senators in on the action — once they get done straightening out the BCS.

/Stifles laughter

Too Bad Roddick/Murray Isn’t on Saturday

Revolutionary War

Andy Roddick survived a marathon match against Lleyton Hewitt to advance to the semi-finals of Wimbledon. Roddick’s win was powered by 43 aces and sets up a just-in-time-for-Independence-Day match against “British” hopeful, Andy Murray. Only this time, it’s the United States that’s doing the invading. I know, I know, Andy Murray is technically Scottish, but considering Scotland is still under the Queen of England’s rule, we’ll go ahead and force the Battle of Independence Day Eve storyline a little. Normally, I try not to act like a dumb American, but for some reason, my devilish side would absolutely love it if, after beating Murray, Roddick jumped up on the referee’s chair and screamed, “No taxation without representation, bitches!!!”

Of course, he’d probably be banned from ever coming back to not just Wimbledon, but the entire British Isles themselves.

Heading For Williams Sisters Final? (Wimbledon)

Venus and Serena

Now that they have the two Williams sisters on opposite sides of the bracket, perhaps we can see what we should’ve seen at last year’s US Open: the Williams sisters battling in the final, this time, at Wimbledon. If you remember just how competitive their US Open match was, this is something you should be waiting for with open arms. Both sisters advanced today, as Serena beat Victoria Azarenka and Venus dispatched Agnieszka Radwanska. With seven Wimbledon titles between them, five for Venus, how can you not want to see these two square off against each other on Saturday?

More musing on Serena and Venus after the jump >>

The Upskirt Photographer is Back (Wimbledon)

Elena Dementieva

OK, remember the Japanese photographer that got in trouble for taking upskirt shots of Maria Sharapova? Apparently, he, or the folks he worked for, an advertising agency called Dentsu Holdings, have a new target for their upskirt lust: Elena Dementieva. Yes, we are fans of Elena, so we find these pictures partially agreeable and partially bad taste — or, was it just a lucky snap of the shutter.

Yes, I’m willing to entertain that last option, but man, the quality of these pictures make it a hard stance to defend — especially these:

After the jump >>

Chris Evert Wants You to STFU (Wimbledon)

All that grunting and groaning on the tennis court — we are looking at you, Maria Sharapova and Michelle Larcher de Brito — has got to go, at least according to Chris Evert. The former tennis great indicated she, too thinks the grunting in tennis isn’t necessary and these sounds can distract from the game. As an aside, I’ve noticed something; something I’m even guilty of: These criticisms are directly aimed at the women tour members.

More on tennis grunting after the jump >>

Roger Federer Has Mad Skills

Of course, seeing how he is tied for the lead in all-time Grand Slam titles, you already knew that. Nevertheless, it’s worth watching the above shot just to get an idea of just how complete Federer’s game is. He has endless range, allowing him to cover the baseline with ease. However, if you try to get him out of his comfort zone by moving him around the court, you are liable to be greeted with a winner that many consider to be tennis’ shot of the year.

Will shots like these translate into Federer’s 15th major title, breaking Pete Sampras’ record? With the absence of Rafael Nadal, probably — especially if he’s pulling shots like these out of his repertoire.