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Archive for the ‘Round Up’ Category

Another Congressional Hearing

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The use of performance enhancing drugs continues to be the hot-button issue over on Capitol Hill, for reasons that remain unknown. Today’s shut-down-the-Nation’s-capital hearing has to do with the overall use in sports. Attending these hearings are the commissioners from the four major professional sports.

However, the committee wanted to also speak with Vince McMahon of the WWE, however, Vinsanity couldn’t make it. Surely the WWE is a clean sport, I mean, sports entertainment business, right?


For complete coverage of today’s waste of time, er coverage, check out Jim Baumbach’s live blog going on over at Newsday.

Ryan Newman Smokes Daytona

Because of a brilliant push by Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman captured the 50th Daytona 500… and he decided to bring a whole lot of smoke to the celebration. Restrictor-Plate This has a great wrap-up of Sunday’s kick-off of the 2008 NASCAR season.

Intentional Link Dump: Friday Reading

Bobby KieltyWell, the week after the Super Bowl did provide us with some great reading fodder, including making friends on MySpace and about Roger Clemens’ wife potential penchant for HGH. In other words, another business-as-usual week in this incredible wide-world of sports we inhabit.

Here is some good reading material if you like taking your laptop into the bathroom with you… Or if you need to further populate your RSS reader. Enjoy:

- Bobby Kielty likes MySpace. And Babes. (Babes Love Baseball)

- We’ve got a name for the David Tyree catch (KSK)

- Is Europe going after MLS players? (The Offside)

- Sylvia Hatchell, UNC’s Women’s B-Ball Coach, likes to party after victories (SbB)

More reading material after the jump ››

Intentional Upset: Federer Goes Down

Roger Federer

The Australian Open continues to provide upset fodder, but this time, it happened to Roger Federer, who is probably the most dominant athlete active today; more so than even Tiger Woods. The first leg of tennis’ Grand Slam was supposed to be another step towards Federer’s coronation as the sport’s best player; instead, Federer finds himself doing something quite foreign: watching a men’s singles finals in the sport he has so thoroughly dominated.

Speaking of domination, Federer found himself on the short end of that particular stick by losing in straight sets to Novak Djokovic, 7-5, 6-3, 7-6. Unlike Nadal’s slip, Federer at least lost to a ranked player. Djokovic is ranked third overall.

Federer was seeking his third straight Aussie Open title and looking to get one step closer to Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slam titles. The defeat is also the first straight-set loss for Federer since the 2004 French Open (I guess he surrendered). The quest for tennis supremacy wasn’t the only streak derailed by Djokovic.

Until last night/this morning, Federer had reached ten straight Grand Slam finals. He had also won 19 in a row in Australia until he took the court with Djokovic.

World’s Top Goal Scorer Revealed

Trésor Mputu Mabi has been named the world’s leading goal scorer of 2007 by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS). The Congolese striker currently plays for TP Mazembe and is a member of the Congo national team. In order to bestow such an honor, the IFFHS uses a variety of criterion to determine their awards, especially for the top goal scorer:

Only those goals are considered which were scored in full “A” internationals, final rounds of Olympic football tournaments, FIFA selection matches, as well as continental and intercontinental club championships during that year…

By their standards, Mputu is credited with 20 goals, giving him a two-goal lead over the second place finisher. Naturally, YouTube has some good vids of Mputu in action, especially the one I’m about post. However, I have no idea what the goalie is doing to celebrate Trésor’s goal… Suggestions are welcome:

Make sure you don’t miss Mputu getting kicked out of a game for his liberal use of his leg while defending a player. I’m also fond of the way he tried to play innocent after he realized what was coming. ;)

Intentional Link Dump: Mitchell Report Edition

Jenn StergerYes, the Golden Fleece of the sports blog world–better known as the Mitchell Report–was revealed to the world last night and needless to say, there was a truck-load’s worth of reaction. Today’s Link Dump Round-up focuses on some of the more entertaining posts that came from the Mitchell Report… and Jenn Sterger, because you can never have enough of FSU’s chosen one; although, after UK puts a whoopin’ on her Seminoles at the Music City Bowl, she may not want to be associated with us. ;)

On with the links.

The fabulous foursome at Babes Love Baseball have an awesome Christmas poem commemorating yesterday’s Mitchell Report fun. The poem is done to the tune of Twas the Night Before Christmas and like any good baseball fan should, these ladies knock it out of the park.

The fellas at Fire Joe Morgan don’t seem to agree with John Kruk’s take on whether or not the names in the Mitchell Report are, in fact, guilty of taking steroids.

Awful Announcing has a good video of David Justice defending himself against the allegations revealed yesterday. Is ignorance a plausible defense?

Did Roger Clemens actually deny anything? East Coast Bias doesn’t think so.

Jose Canseco is a tool who is using A-Rod’s name to stay relevant. Canseco didn’t have anything on him in his first book and now he’s trying to promote his follow-up on the back of Alex Rodriguez’s name. Just STHU, will you please?

JoeSportsFan is wondering just how helpful steroids are.

Of course, Orson Swindle at EDSBS, the premiere college football blog, couldn’t let all this Mitchell Report news go unanswered. Here’s what they learned from it.

That’s it for the Mitchell Report link dump, but there is more reading to be done.

Jenn Sterger is interviewed by Epic Carnival, which is a good excuse to show pictures of her here. Nicely done, fellow Carnies.

And from the self-serving files, the University of Kentucky signed AD Mitch Barnhart to a five-year extension, which should be great news to any Wildcat fans’ ears. Barnhart has done a great job of replacing the old guard, who seemed to care more about their tickets-for-cars program instead of bringing UK into the 21st century. The extension pays him $475,000 a year, with incentives.

Michael Vick Sentenced

The Michael Vick dogfighting saga appears to be coming to a close, at least from the Federal Government’s point of view. Today, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for financing a dogfighting ring that based its operations in a house owned by the previous quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

Mike VickThe sentence brings closure to a disappointing tale of how Michael Vick, one of the bright stars in the NFL, blew it all on animal cruelty. Vick’s case polarized a large portion of the Atlanta area as people predictably picked sides and made their various stands and protests whenever the fallen Vick appeared in court.

Vick’s sentence was stronger than the others who were involved with the ring, and speculation comes from the fact Vick was the chief financial backer of the Bad Newz Kennels.

“Vick and three co-defendants entered plea agreements for their roles establishing Bad Newz Kennels, a dogfighting operation run from a house Vick owned in Surry County, Virginia. Vick faced a maximum sentence of five years. Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of between 12 and 18 months. Two of the co-defendants were sentenced last week. Purnell Peace received 18 months and Quanis Phillips received 21 months. Tony Taylor will be sentenced on Friday.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, more than 25 television trucks were parked by the courthouse. Reporters began lining up before 6 a.m. for one of 100 seats in the courtroom. There are also 200 seats in an adjoining courtroom with a live video feed.”

The earliest Vick can seek reinstatement to the NFL is 2010. Vick’s case is just another in a long line of modern athletes who aren’t content with having the world at their fingertips and so they waste their natural gifts by making pathetically stupid decisions. Now Michael has almost two years to think about what he’s accomplished.

Intentional Link Dump: News For A Slow Day

It’s kinda slow going as we wait on things like the bowl games to begin, NFL Sunday (did anyone watch last night’s Washington/Chicago game?), weekend college basketball and anything else deemed sports-blog worthy. Here’s a little link love for of some stories that caught my eye as I made my way through the Google Reader. Enjoy:

- It’s Heisman Trophy weekend and Loser with Socks gives us some reasons why Tebow shouldn’t win. They also ask just how effective McFadden would be in Urban Meyer’s system, which is something interesting to ponder as well.

Dwayne Wayne- Well, it’s Christmas time boys and girls and you know what that means: office Christmas parties. The Sports Hernia has a nifty little list of the sports conversations you can expect from your non-sports savvy co-workers.

Why yes, that Dwayne Wayne is a GREAT basketball player… just ask Denise Huxtable.

- Kansas forward Brandon Rush got arrested. Don’t forget to take care of those traffic violations, kids.

- That Dwight Howard is something else.

- SI’s 16-team college playoff is now in it’s Elite 8 stage. Who ya got?

- Barry Bonds, much to everyone’s surprise, pleaded “Not Guilty” to his federal charges. I wonder if he plead guilty to being an ass to his fans?

- An Alex Legion update. Apparently, he wants to come back to the Cats, but Gillispie hasn’t decided if he’ll allow it or not.

Athena Barber- Epic Carnival asks us who has the hottest girlfriend/wife in sports? This is an ongoing competition so make sure you stay tuned. This week’s contestants are Eliza Dushku and reigning champ, Athena Barber.

Again, who ya got?

- And finally, our news of the obvious: Stephen A. Smith has been voted as the worst sports announcer. Color me surprised. The next thing you’ll tell me is water is wet and the sky is blue.

Well kiddies, that should give you plenty of reading fodder while you are waiting for the weekend to arrive. Enjoy the Heisman presentation and whatever other athletics you are engaged in.