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Archive for the ‘NFL’ Category

Another NFL Suicide: Dave Duerson Begs for Brain Testing

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With the recent efforts by the National Football League to crack down on head-hunting and brutal hits on defenseless players – sad is the news of Dave Duerson’s suicide.  Duerson was found dead in his home located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.  Dave Duerson apparently shot himself in the chest.

In a strange and sobering twist, he chose to send a text message to his family prior to taking his own life.  In it, he informed his family that he wanted his brain used for research at the Boston University School of Medicine. I presume that he was all-too-aware of the impact his professional playing career may have had on the depth of his feelings of despair before leaving this world.  Left behind are his three sons and daughter born of his marriage to ex-wife, Alicia Duerson.

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Tom Brady’s Ex Talks Brady, Bündchen, and Baby

I still get a little ticked at Tom Brady, who left then girlfriend Bridget Moynahan when he found out she was pregnant. Yeah, sure, he went to the arms of Gisele Bündchen (because you know he just has to date supermodels) and they are happy, but I get a little irritated on Moynahan’s behalf. I mean, seriously, he leaves her when she’s pregnant?

Besides all that, Bündchen said a few ooops about Moynahan and Brady’s kid, namely that he was “100 percent her child” regardless of the fact that Moynahan’s the one that actually gave birth to him. I don’t think the comment itself is that bad (because she probably just meant she really loves the kid) but yakking about her step-child to Vanity Fair? Bad form.

Moynahan has remained mum on the subject of Brady and Bündchen, but does reveal now that it was really difficult when she was giving birth, knowing that Brady wasn’t going to stick around and see her through the whole thing. She said he was there at the birth but “certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Still, she’s remained classy about this whole relationship mess, saying she’s glad her son is loved by so many people. She says, “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

One thing that amazes me is that Brady hasn’t let any of it affect his game. Either he’s managed to block it out or he’s just that good.

Brett Keisel Shaves Beard for Charity

Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel promised he would shave his beard after the season ended, and he’s holding up his end of the bargain. Keisel has had some fun with his trademark bushy beard, and even talked about it during media week before the Super Bowl.

He’s had plenty of PR mileage from the beard, which he called his “beautiful thing” and even joked (at least we think he was joking) about the beard having magic powers. Keisel isn’t just yakking about his beard for nothing. He’s raising money to help in the fight against children’s cancer, by selling tickets to a “Shear the beard with Brett Keisel” event which will be held at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh on February 24th.

Here’s what he looked like before all that facial hair, incidentally:

Looks like a totally different, guy, doesn’t he? If you want to get a piece of that magical beard, tickets are $25, and before and after photos will be available for purchase. What’s more, you can also purchase a lock of that scraggly beard, which probably has so many food particles in it by now that it could feed a family of four.

Good for Keisel for raising money for charity over this whole thing!

Express Train from Cincinnati Bengals Now Departing

It’s been an eternity since the Cincinnati Bengals have made the Super Bowl. January 22nd, 1989 against the San Francisco 49ers is a long lost memory, a rare positive one at that, in the minds of Bengals fans. They lost that game 20-16 and since then, they’ve lost all sense of direction.

Though the 1990s, their overall record included 52 wins and an astounding 108 losses. Through the decade starting in 2000, their record of misery was 68-91-1. It seems that no matter what level of talented players they add, their perennial high level of haplessness never seems to subside. The only time this organization made news was when one of their many players were arrested for some off-the-field shenanigans that stayed in lock-step with their on-the-field shenanigans.

The 2010 season was full of hope. Adding Terrell Owens to an already deep wide receiver corps along with a rested and healthy Carson Palmer was supposed to turn the tide for the Cincinnati Bengals. While they seemed poised to finish in the upper-end of the AFC, it wasn’t long before the reality that has plagued this team set in. A 10-game losing streak was book ended by 2 wins and 1 loss to open the season and to close it as well.

Why we should leave Cutler alone after the jump >>

NFL Determined to Throw Fans for a Big Loss

Well, the cancellation of the latest negotiations meeting between the NFL and Players Union is a cold water splash in the face of all of the fans of professional football.  Make no mistake about this folks – there is going to be an NFL lockout and it’s going to affect next season.  It wouldn’t shock me if it lasted into next season.

Your loss.  It’s a big one, too.

The 2010 NFL Season will be remembered as one chock-full of it’s usual level of excitement, controversy, surprises and one that ended with a very exciting Superbowl XVL.  The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in a game fit to be called – SUPER.

It already seems like ages ago given what is confronting every football fan in the world.

The NFL Lockout is upon us and there isn’t a damned thing you can do to stop the madness.  As we sit back and watch the billionaires ratchet-up their battle with the multi-millionaires, I can’t help but not care any less about them fighting over a billion-dollar gap in their negotiations.  What do I care about?  I care about all those people whose lives depend on their employment – those that don’t get $20-million signing bonuses and a game check that is worth more than most will earn in a decade.  You don’t notice those people, but they’re all around you.  They’re the people who work in and around the stadium (security teams, vendors, maintenance crews)… the people who work in the restaurants if you’re fortunate enough to have one of those newer palatial estates owned by the billionaires and paid for primarily by your tax dollars in many cities… and think of all of the local businesses in and around the stadiums and beyond where fans of all sorts funnel in on game day or game night.  I’ve seen estimates that put the losses for the NFL cities during the NFL lockout at somewhere between $100-million and $200-million in revenue.

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Dating Tips for Mark Sanchez

So by now you’ve probably heard the news that Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez hooked up with a 17-year old. Yay him. It’s not illegal because 17 is the age of consent in New York, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Or right. Or cool.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I think some dating tips for Mr. Sanchez might be in order.

Card Anyone Who Looks 40 or Younger

Sanchez needs to follow the rules most liquor stores have in place, where the legal age is 21 but they card anyone who looks 30 or younger. Rather than card for anyone who looks 30 and younger, maybe Sanchez should set the limit at 40. Just to be safe.

If a Giggling Teenager Approaches You, It Isn’t Just Because You’re Good Looking

Poor Sanchez has it difficult, because he’s gorgeous and just assumes that chicks wanna get with him because of that. But he needs to understand that he’s in the NFL now, and that alone makes him desirable to girls who wish to yak to the press afterward. Translation? Choose carefully, sluggo. Pictures, video, and other gory details of your special moments will be shared cuz that’s how some chicks roll.

Set a Minimum Age Limit Regardless of What State You’re In

When you’re a young, hot football player and you travel around the country, you’re bound to get confused about the legal age requirement for every single one. After all, you might meet a 17-year old in, say, Wisconsin and before you know it – OOOPS – you’re in jail. Why? Because you forgot that Wisconsin isn’t New York and the legal age limit is actually 18.

Since Sanchez is 24, I recommend an age cutoff of 20. Let’s just keep it simple. Stupid.

The Lombardi Trophy Comes Home! Will It Stay There?

Now that the Green Bay Packers have won the Super Bowl and brought home the Lombardi Trophy home (the actual shiny one), I can’t help wondering if they can repeat. Yes, folks, it is never too early to speculate about next year.

It’s difficult for a team to go back to the Super Bowl year after year. That’s a good thing because it keeps things interesting for teams and fans alike. But teams have done it, and since the Green Bay Packers are a strong, young team, I can’t help wondering if they can return.

Here are some reasons why they will make it back.

Deep Talent

The Packers were saddled with injuries this year, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Extra playing time for second string players helped secure a Super Bowl win after veterans Charles Woodson and Donald Driver got injured, and will help them next year as well. While you never want your key players on the sidelines, at least the Packers still have guys that can take up the slack.

More on the Packers return after the jump >>

NFL and Jerry Jones Dropped the Ball When They Turned Away Ticket Holders

With all the hype about the new Texas stadium, and how big and grand and fabulous it was, the fact that 400 ticket holders were turned away at the last minute somehow got lost in the story. In case you haven’t heard, 400 people who purchased genuine Super Bowl tickets, were not able to sit in them because “a temporary seating structure wasn’t approved by a fire marshal” in time before the game.

You mean to tell me that Jerry Jones, who knew for how long that he was going to host the Super Bowl in his big shiny new stadium, couldn’t take time out of showing it off beforehand to every media outlet and its mother to let in an inspector? Give me a break. This was a major screw up.

The NFL, in an even more gauche move, tweeted out that they will be giving these fans $2,400, or triple what their $800 tickets cost as well as free tickets to next year’s Super Bowl.

Incredibly tacky to tweet this out to the world as if the NFL were the good guys. Think about this for a minute. You’re a Green Bay Packers fan. You fork out the big bucks to see your team in the Super Bowl, which it hasn’t been in for 12 years. You fight the blizzards that ripped through the area for the memory of being there to cheer on your team, and the NFL tells you, “Sorry. But a Super Bowl is a Super Bowl, right? Go to next years.”

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