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Archive for the ‘NBA’ Category

Where Are The Carmelo Anthony Jerseys?

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Knicks Store
While the world has finally been spared from the incessant “Where’s Carmelo going” talk, one has to wonder where are all the Knicks jerseys featuring Anthony’s name and number? Currently, and granted, this will change drastically by tomorrow (or tonight, even), there’s absolutely nothing about the Carmelo Anthony trade anywhere on the official site for the Knicks, nor at their online store, either. The reason this is met with some surprise when you compare the NBA’s reaction time to the NFL’s — that is, an hour in relation to Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets — the lack of Anthony jerseys is somewhat surprising.

Maybe the Knicks organization doesn’t want to believe the news is true.

One thing there isn’t a lack of, however, is an avalanche of analysis concerning the Carmelo-to-the-Knicks trade, something the Google News timeline demonstrates quite nicely:

More on Carmelo’s trade after the jump >>

Michael Jordan to Make Another Come Back?

Michael Jordon is truly the Brett Favre of basketball… at least for the retiring and un-retiring part of things. He’s retired and returned twice, but unlike Favre he took a couple years off before coming back. Now the rumors are spreading that he might come back again.

The gossip all started because Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Bobcats, practiced with the team a few times last week. At first people were saying it was just his way of making the guys more accountable during practice. But then the rumors started flying because Jordan didn’t suck out on the court. Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace said Jordan “doesn’t have this quickness, but he can score, he’s a shooter. The last thing to ever go is your jump shot and he has that.”

Of course Jordan is Wallace’s boss so what is he supposed to say? If he did come back, Jordan would be the oldest guy to do it. Besides the obvious problem to a comeback (his age) there are plenty of other reasons why it’s a bad idea. He’d probably have to sell his interest in the team for one. And start taking a few more vitamins, for another.

While I loved Jordan when he played (and defended him when he came back) I cannot imagine him running around with the guys currently on the court today. The average age is just over 26 years. Most players’ fathers are probably Jordan’s age.

Jordan is 48 and last played in league in 2003. He gave that wonky Hall of Fame speech in December 2009 where he said “One day you may look up and see me playing a game at 50. Don’t laugh. Never say never.”
Oh, we’d never laugh at that. We know it’s not nice to laugh at senior citizens.

Dwyane Wade and the NBA Goggle Club

The Exclusive NBA Goggle Club

The Goggle Club in the NBA is a very exclusive collection. Only a few choice individuals have the opportunity for election into this group, but they recently enshrined a new member, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. (Granted it was just a temporary selection because of his migraines, but he’s a member nonetheless) In honor of his selection, here is a quick rundown of my favorite goggles in the NBA.

Kurt Rambis
Rambis, the Godfather of Goggles, was a key member of 4 Los Angeles Lakers championship teams during the 80s. He even earned the nickname “Superman” from the Lakers’ announcers because of his Clark Kent like appearance. His all-out effort won over fans and players alike, and his work ethic and basketball knowledge led to his being named head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, official team of NUMB#RS cologne, and potential All-Star Kevin Love.

Rambis makes this list over fellow Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because Rambis wins the acting tie-breaker, though Kareem in Airplane was pretty good.

NBA Goggle Club members after the jump >>

Broken Backboards Make Amazing Images


Full Image After the Jump

In the past few months, there have been some new sports pictures that have really grown legs in a viral manner, thanks to the power of Twitter, Facebook, et al. Both the LeBron/Dwyane Wade picture and the Tiger Woods/Cigar Guy images resonated around the sports world, thanks to power of social media. In fact, some consider the D-Wade/James picture to be one of the best basketball images ever captured. While I’m partial to the Michael Jordan free throw dunk, the appeal of both is easy to understand: they’re incredible images.

But then again, so is this one:

After the jump >>

Eric Bledsoe’s Block Party

With the Los Angeles Clippers playing something that resembles respectable basketball — Winner of three games in a row. Shocking, isn’t it? — and all of the accolades going to Blake Griffin’s assault on NBA rims, there are some other youngsters who are contributing for the Clip-Joint as well. Names like DeAndre Jordan, Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Gordon come to mind, but after last night’s block party against the Miami Heat, if you haven’t heard of Eric Bledsoe, you might want to familiarize yourself.

Bledsoe had two impressive blocks last night, including one of King “I Didn’t Direct Tweet That About Karma at Cleveland” James, which leads this post, and a nasty chase-down block of Mario Chalmers.

Eric Bledsoe’s block of Mario Chalmers after the jump >>

There is a New Jordan in Town: Jordan McCabe

There is definitely a new, extremely talented Jordan in the world of basketball. It’s not Michael Jordan.  It’s Jordan McCabe.  Mind you, this one is destined for the NBA if he plays his cards right. If, for some reason the NBA is not his final destiny, the Harlem Globetrotters could present a fall-back position for Jordan McCabe.

He was recently featured on a “The Little Heroes” segment on KOMO News Television out of Seattle, Washington.  Watch the sick-mad skills on this youngster, at the tender young age of 12-years old, and yes, persevere through the 15-second lead-in.  It’s worth it.

If you watch the whole segment, you realize that this kid isn’t just about performing unchallenged ball-handling exhibitions to wow onlookers.  Jordan McCabe joined a pick-up basketball with people well in advance of his age and performed quite well, sharing the rock, dishing assists, and scoring when he had an open look (and sometimes even when he didn’t have an open look).

Read more about the amazing Jordan McCabe >>

Blake Griffin Makes Me Shake My Head

While your fearless leader continues his transition to being a Kentucky resident once again, here’s a reminder of why this blog is such a fan of Blake ****ing Griffin. The word “beast” is overused in sports, much like most adjectives in the sports world, but it if there’s ever been a walking definition of what that word means in relation to athletes and their accomplishments, Blake Griffin does just that.

More on Griffin after the jump >>

DeMar DeRozan Ushers In New Era of Intentional Foul is back up and posting, and to celebrate our first day of the new launch, here’s DeMar DeRozan dunking all over Tyrus Thomas in what was the most impressive play of last night’s sports action. Granted, as a UK fan, seeing Tennessee and Louisville both lose at home to unranked teams was pretty grand as well, but neither game had anything as ferocious as DeRozan’s “Let’s make a poster with Tyrus Thomas” dunk.

Hell, even Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan had to acknowledge DeRozan’s one-play victory.

Continue reading about the new IF after the jump >>