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Archive for the ‘Highlights’ Category

High School Basketball Needs Instant Replay

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Franklin County Flyers

Now that the NBA and the college ranks have adopted an instant replay variation, allowing them to check for game/shot clock violations and other anomalies, it appears as if high school basketball is in desperate need of such an alteration as well. Just ask the Flyers of Franklin County, Kentucky. The state of Kentucky is currently in the process of seeding their high Sweet Sixteen tournament; something that’s done with regional tournaments where the respective winners advance to the state championship.

In one of the quarterfinal games, Franklin County played Lexington powerhouse Henry Clay, and it looked like the Flyers would advance, thanks to a last-second shot that clearly went in before the game clock expired.

Unfortunately, the referees waved the shot off, saying it happened after time ran out — something the video shows as false. Unfortunately, there’s no instant replay in Kentucky high school basketball, and, because of that, a team is being punished due to in-game officials making a horrible game-deciding call. In fact, the call was so poor, the crew should be punished for their mistake. Editorials aside, it’s obvious high school basketball needs to catch up with their big-league counterparts, because there’s no reason those kids should suffer because three referees don’t believe what their eyes told them.

After the jump, video and reaction >>

Introducing Your College Baseball Overlords

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers are your college baseball champions, and man, Les Miles certainly enjoyed it. Hey, at least he didn’t jinx them like he did in Game 2. Here’s the final out and the awesome dog pile that followed. Oh, and Coach Mainieri’s attractive wife and daughter (I’m assuming) make an appearance as well.

After the jump >>

Morning Fun: Interviews Can Be Hard

What we have hear is Nikki Allen, director of volleyball operations at USC, giving a television interview. Unfortunately for Allen, she either locked her knees or couldn’t handle the bright lights of a local television interview and spilling over to the sand. Actually, Allen indicates she was simply tired and jet-lagged, and is fine, which is good because it makes me feel a little better for laughing at the way she sways before her “timber” moment. At first glance, it looks like Allen is fighting a strong wind gust and simply lost her balance.

More Internet fame fun after the jump >>

Friday Fun: “Real” Martial Arts Vs Real MMA

Judging by the YouTube views, it’s safe to say some of you have seen this video before, but if not, it’s worth the time. What we have is a Kiai Master — the yell you give before a strike — who apparently has a high midi-chlorian count because in the preview portion of the video, it shows the Master striking his opponents without touching them. Yeah, the guy is billing himself as a black-belt Yoda. Anyway, Kiai Master de jour issues a challenge to any MMA fighter, saying if he can be beaten, he’ll pay the fighter $5000.

Bad decision.

Apparently, his version of the Force was no match for a solid fist to the face, nor the knee that followed. In fact, the look of surprise on the Master’s face when he gets hit the first time is similar to White Goodman: “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, NOBODY!!!”

H/t to MMA Scraps for the find. Just in time for UFC 96, too.

Patrick Thibodeau – When Sports Gets it Right

Introducing Patrick Thibodeau, who, as pointed out by Bootlegger Sports (via Deadspin), represents what’s right about sports. Not agents or talk of steroids or contract disputes. No, Patrick’s story demonstrates the beauty sports can produce. You see, Patrick was born with Down’s syndrome and has been the manager for his basketball team — the Greely High Rangers — since his freshman year.

More on Patrick Thibodeau’s great game after the jump >>

Snowmobiles And Double Backflips

Saw this over the weekend on Fark Sports, so I thought I’d share. What we have is Levi Lavallee’s double backflip attempt for ESPN’s Winter X Games. While Lavallee didn’t stick the landing, it was close enough for my enjoyment–although, the judges expect competitors to finish the trick, which obviously includes the landing portion. Stupid rules. Because he didn’t stick the landing, Lavallee lost the event to Dane Ferguson, who did a single flip, but finished his trick off with the proper landing.

Video of Ferguson’s jump after, well, the jump >>

A Double Alley-Oop?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed whenever you have a night that yields a great basketball highlight, it isn’t limited to just one. Take, for instance, Zam Fredrick’s heroics. Normally, that would have been Play of the Day material (it still is), but for some reason, the rest of the basketball world decided to contribute to the memorable plays pile. Teams like Marshall and OKC’s Jeff Green got in on the act.

However, this double alley-oop video might just be the basketball highlight of the day. I’ve been watching college basketball for over 20 years now, and I don’t recall seeing anything quite like what is going on in the lead video. One alley-oop per possession is the norm, but not here. No, the creative coach called for not one, but two alley-oop passes on the same play and viola: you have a basketball highlight to remember.

Added bonus: The play happened in a high school game. I wonder how long before college coaches add this little wrinkle to their repertoire? H/t to Hot Clicks for the find.

Malice In The Palace – Ladies Night

Yeah, this video is going to be everywhere when the sun comes up so I’ll jump in and enjoy the fun. Last night at the Palace at Auburn Hills, the WNBA decided to put on their version of Malice in the Palace. And what a joyful event it was. Let’s see, we’ve got Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks and Plenette Pierson of the Detroit Shock falling all over each other and this “sparks” a nice little scuffle.

Then we have Cheryl Ford almost blowing her knee out when she tries to break up the fracas — but that’s not even the best part. No, this little distinction goes to Rick Mahorn and his non-push of Lisa Leslie that resulted in Leslie winding up on her backside. Let’s go to the tape:

While the pushing and shoving was entertaining, the whole Rick Mahorn incident will be the focal point of last night’s fun. He denies pushing Leslie, yet it’s awfully clear he does just that at the 36 second mark of the video (and many other moments). I’d like to point out Mahorn is 6-10 and weighs about 270. Granted, Leslie is also 6-10, but she’s 100 pounds lighter.

While there will be fines and suspensions aplenty, the all-girls version of Malice in the Palace will probably wind up hurting the Detroit assistant coach the most. You just can’t go putting your hands on a female — especially when you are the coach of a WNBA team. It’ll be surprising if he makes it through the weekend as an employee of the WNBA.

Of course, there could be a bright side to all this: maybe if we see an increase in WNBA brawls, the interest level will increase as well.