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Archive for the ‘College Football’ Category

Post-Thanksgiving Husker Thoughts

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Nebraska CornhuskersI’m sitting here watching Nebraska play their last day-after-Thanksgiving game as a member of the Big 12 conference. I don’t know if bittersweet is the right word, but it’s…something. I was actually a pretty big Husker fan in high school. I even had one of my senior pics taken in a Tommie Frazier jersey. (I’ll spare you the actual pic. For some reason I thought white socks looked good with soccer sandals. Geez, the fashion of late 90s Iowa!)

How will the Huskers football team fare in the Big Ten? That’s probably the biggest question here in west central Iowa. Most of my buddies lean towards Iowa City, but a few even lean towards Ames, while fewer still lean towards Lincoln. The general consensus, bias considered, is Nebraska will be a middle-of-the-conference team. Hawk fans don’t think they can beat the Hawks. Cyclone fans are glad to get rid of them. Husker fans don’t care because they’re Husker fans and Nebraska football is all there is…the opponent doesn’t matter.

Husker thoughts for you after the jump… >>

Hawkeyes or Heartbreakers

Iowa Hawkeyes*** Intentional Foul would like to welcome Nate Westre, one of our new sports writers. Stay tuned as he’ll be a regular writer full of opinions, wit, and a ridiculous amount of sports knowledge! Thanks Nate! – Chris ***

Thanksgiving is knocking at our doors, and the rules say we’re supposed to be thankful right? Being stuck here in central Iowa has me a little sportily-challenged at the moment so I apologize if I’m not thankful for the less-than-stellar performance from the favorite local university.

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team was ranked #9 in the preseason with a sleeper’s chance at a national title. Fast forward to week 3 and a trip to Arizona. Keep in mind the Hawks hadn’t won in the Pacific time zone since 1987. You can imagine the result, a loss to the Wildcats on a huge TD drive in the 4th quarter. Hey, one loss won’t kill the season. The Rose Bowl is still an option.

After the jump, more Hawkeyes heartbreak >>

USC Cheerleaders Fraternize With Ducks?

Does this warrant a removal from the USC Song Girls squad? Or is this like when your girl dirty-dances with another dude and says “it’s only dancing,” only to get majorly pissed if you do the same with a random lady? Oh, and can anyone actually stop the Oregon Ducks offense?

It sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

The Run Heisman Winners Are Made Out Of

Cam Newton

Now that the dust has settled and Denard Robinson’s early season magic has given way to defenses trying to contain him — successfully, I might add — there’s a new Heisman favorite taking the stage and his name is Cam Newton. To put it mildly, Newton is a runaway train that other SEC defenses, even ones that are supposed to be good, like LSU’s, have little chance of stopping.

The funny thing is, there’s no secret about where the ball’s going when Newton is under center. Sure, he’ll hand the ball off on occasion, as well as attempt a pass once and a while, but his strength is running the ball, and the team on defense knows that, too.

And yet, they still can’t stop him.

Hell, containment doesn’t even look like much of an option when Newton starts doing his thing. Just ask Les Miles and his vaunted defense that allowed Newton to run for 217 yards and two touchdowns. Clearly, when Auburn gets Newton’s highlight reel together for the Heisman voters to see, the following run will be first and center.

Even though there’s four games remaining on Auburn’s schedule — they are currently 8-0 and first in the BCS standings — Newton has already thrown for over 1300 yards (with 13 touchdowns), while rushing for a gaudy 1077 (with 14 touchdowns). When offense coaches discuss balance between the run and the pass, Newton embodies that wish.

Normally, however, the balance comes from the entire offense, not just one player.

All I know is, the Auburn/Alabama game on November 26 is going to be a freaking war.

I Could Watch This Over and Over Again

From the self-serving files comes this latest post, and what we have is Randall Cobb’s game-winning touchdown against the South Carolina Gamecocks. While Kentucky beating a top-10 team is probably newsworthy, as is Randall Cobb, Kentucky’s win probably doesn’t resonate on a national level like it does on a personal one for this writer.

Be that as it may, when your team finally beats a coach after losing 17-straight to them, something needs to be acknowledged, and in this case, it’s Randall Cobb and his oft-maligned quarterback, Michael Hartline. Take that, Spurrier!!! Don’t think we forget you abusing Kentucky in the Swamp all those years.

Oh, nice clock management, too.

For what it’s worth, Hartline enjoyed the moment as much as I did, if not more. A lot more, in fact.

Michael Hartline
Gif courtesy of KSR

Bill Stewart is Still King of the Game Faces

Bill Stewart

While his West Virginia Mountaineers gave Bill Stewart a win over South Florida, 20-6. No, I’m not exactly sure what cause Stewart’s face to sour like that; perhaps it was the lack of offensive firepower, or maybe he didn’t like the yellow uniforms. Whatever the case, one thing’s for certain: Bill Stewart is an absolute master of the game face.

There is none higher.

H/t to 30fps for the image.

Les Miles’ Balls Are Bigger Than Yours

Les Miles Balls

Time to recycle this LSUFreek gem — he has another one for this very game — because after the end of the Florida/LSU game, is there anything more apt to describe how Les Miles’ brain works? The fake field goal flip/fumble-rooski/insanity that spawned from Miles’ brain was one of the best endings to a college football game I’ve ever seen.

Sure, the Boise State/Oklahoma ending was probably more significant, but it wasn’t anywhere near as chaotic as what Les Miles’ concocted. I mean, who, in their right mind, conjures up something like this:

To say “that’s not how you draw it up” is a complete and utter understatement for what we just saw. Something like: “You are a crazy motherf***er, Les, but My God, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t ever change, you magnificent bastard.” is more apt. The fact that it took the review booth over four minutes to reach a decision on the flip-fumble-lateral thing shows just how magnificent it was.

The average-Joe human mind couldn’t comprehend what it had just witnessed, so taking four-plus minutes allowing it to digest and articulate what it saw is understandable.

This, folks, is what you get when Les Miles’ brain starts churning. Not only was the fake field goal a call worthy of the all time “Balls of Fame” designation, the pass play to Terrence Toliver that directly followed it was just as important; almost as much as Toliver’s great end zone catch that gave LSU the lead.

In case you missed, geauxTlGERS has posted the last part of the game, from the fake field goal to Toliver’s game-winner. If you missed it, it’s worth the watch; all nine-plus minutes:

That, folks, is how one coaches football with balls on the brain — and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Jim Knox Gets Killed During Pre-Game. Again.

Perhaps Fox Sports’ Jim Knox should start doing his pre-game stuff from the safety of the press box, or perhaps outside of the stadium altogether, unless, of course, he enjoys getting absolutely blasted by fan/team traditions. Whether it’s falling off a couch upheld by Kansas State fans or his latest adventure which saw Knox get drilled while trying to stay out of the way while taking part in the running of Ralphie, the live buffalo mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes, when Knox is around, one should have the medics on stand-by alert.

As indicated, Knox’s latest run-in with team traditions saw him get blasted by one of Ralphie’s handlers while following the crowd of runners as they made their way around the field. The results were about what you’d expect, especially when Knox is involved:

And then there’s this classic, featuring Knox, K-State fans and a couch. Look out below:

While it’s hard not to appreciate Knox’s tenacity, at some point, concern about his quality of life needs to come into play. I will say this, however, if he would’ve done that couch stunt in West Virginia, he might not have lived to tell his tale because of him being burned to death.

Minor victories, and all that.