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Archive for the ‘College Basketball’ Category

Shay Shines The Brightest

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In a weekend filled with Cam Newton and his juice, Chip Kelly and his offense, Matt Ryan’s comeback, Brett Favre getting hammered, Peyton Manning throwing interceptions, Joe Flacco bouncing fourth down pass attempts and a decent finale for The Walking Dead, a 6-2 junior for the High Point Panthers had the best play of the weekend with a slam dunk that was so nasty, it just might win the admittedly still-early “Dunk of the Year” for the 2010/11 season of college basketball.

And no, that wasn’t hyperbole.

Yes, the “Dunk of the Year” field is filling up rather quickly, but none so far have shined brighter than Shay’s. And you’re damn right, that pun was intended. Shine’s dunk was so bright, his assistant coach — Mike Balado — ran to Twitter to inform the masses.

Digression: Coach Balado follows the Kardashian sisters. For some reason, I find that humorously interesting.

After the jump, the obligatory Shay Shine animated gif >>

Oregon Fans Are Not Terribly Fond of That Call

Oregon Fans

To quote one of Jim Rome’s soundbites, the Oregon fan with the finger extended undoubtedly thinks the call on the floor was a “Bad call, bad call. We don’t like that call. Not a very good call.” I doubt losing by three after Oregon fell just short in their comeback attempt made him feel much better.

In fact, I bet he had a double finger for that particular result.

H/t to 30 FPS for the image.

C.J. Fair Submits His “Dunk of the Year” Nomination

It’s only December and we’ve already had a number of “Dunk of the Year” nominations in college basketball, and if it keeps up at this rate, there’s no telling what kind of dunks we’ll be seeing as the season progresses. In fact, I’m afraid we’ll lose track of these early season smashes, but then again, that’s what sites like us are here for. This latest “DotY” offering comes courtesy of Syracuse freshman, C.J. Fair, and while the dunk was his only basket, it was certainly a memorable one.

Unfortunately for Fair’s ego, his dunk didn’t make ESPN’s top plays, however. Frankly, I don’t remember 10 better plays yesterday, but then again, I didn’t see every little thing that happened in the sports world last night, thanks to the incredible Sons of Anarchy season finale.

One other interesting tidbit, while doing some quick research on Fair, I noticed he hasn’t recorded an assist yet, despite playing in all of the Orange’s seven games, and averaging 13 minutes a game. Granted, Fair is a 6-7 forward and isn’t being counted on as much as his more-tenured teammates, and because of that, he’s not as big of a component in the Orange’s set plays. Nevertheless, no assists in seven games is a bit surprising.

/Tidbit time.

So where does Fair’s dunk rank when compared to gems like C.J. Wilkerson’s or Derrick Williams‘?

C.J. Wilkerson Absolutely Smashes Oklahoma

C.J. Wilkerson plays for North Carolina Central University, which shares space with a more famous school in Durham, North Carolina. While they may not be the program their same-town brothers are, in Wilkerson, NCCU has a dunker who’s every bit as explosive as his Duke counterparts. While his Eagles wound up losing to Oklahoma — they made the Sooners earn it, however, 71-63 — Wilkerson’s dunk needs to be acknowledged along with all the the other early-season smashes that are being raved over.

I’ll wait patiently until a Duke player outdoes Wilkerson’s dunk. Until that time, the title of “most authoritative dunker in Durham” belongs to him, and by default, Durham’s “other” team.

As for contenders for Wilkerson’s crown, my money’s on Nolan Smith.

Kemba Walker’s “Michael Jordan Flu” Game

Kemba Walker

One of Michael Jordan’s most famous performances came during the “Flu Game” in Game 5 of 1997 Finals. In it, a virus-ridden, dehydrated Jordan scored whopping 38 points, while having to be carried off the court. It was a transcendent performance that only solidified Jordan’s position in the pantheon of NBA greatness. Fast forward to 2010 and the Connecticut Huskies have a performance to add to their program’s lore.

While it won’t be universally recognized like Jordan’s flu game, it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

During the Huskies’ 89-73 win over Vermont, Kemba Walker dropped 42 points (21 points in each half. Synergy!!!), all while battling stomach issues. Walker’s scoring barrage came from an efficient shooting evening (15-24, 4-9 from 3, 8-10 from the line). The guard also tallied eight rebounds and three assists, and without his outburst, UConn struggles to beat the Catamounts. Keep in mind, Walker posted those numbers while battling stomach issues.

Now, as you can see in the lead photo, Walker didn’t appear like he needed Scottie Pippen to carry him off the court like Jordan did, but that doesn’t mean his performance was any less impressive, or any less valuable.

In fact, Walker himself realized his scoring outburst was needed:

Video and more after the jump >>

DC Comics Does College Basketball

Click for bigger image

Much like the NBA/Marvel Comics (the NHL, too) collaboration, the folks over at DC Comics have jumped in on the fun, partnering with Sports Illustrated to bring us their rendition of popular college basketball players. Thanks to Bryan Graham’s Twitpic account, we have a preview of DC is offering.

The first three comics focus on Kansas State’s Jacob Pullen (Beardman), Villanova’s Corey Fisher (Streetball Legend) and BYU’s Jimmer Fredette (Jimmertime), and they all feature a super hero origin story/introduction to the featured player.

Check it out. Pullen’s at the top: After the jump >>

The Kansas State Dancing Machines

Kansas State

What we have here are the Kansas State Wildcats in their tunnel, getting ready to take the floor before their game against Virginia Tech. Needless to say, they danced during their wait, and I’m pretty sure it was a derivative of the ubiquitous “Dougie” that’s sweeping the nation, no matter how hard I try to be the force against it.

Clearly, I’m not influential enough to effect any kind of change, but man, I’d much prefer a return to the “Cabbage Patch,” “the Prep,” and the “Reebok.” Or something like this. Anyway, digression aside, here are the K-State Wildcats having some fun before going out on the floor:

Animated gif after the jump >>

Jim Boeheim Isn’t Convinced His Team Can Shoot

Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse Orange got in the orgy of college basketball yesterday, and while they came away with a win over the Detroit Titans (previously, Detroit Mercy), 66-55, the head coach wasn’t very impressed with the shooting prowess of his team, and, well, not much else either. Judging by various reports, Boeheim had reason to feel the way he did. The Orange played a lackluster first half and were down three at the break. Yes, they turned it on the second half, scoring 41 points, but it certainly wasn’t good offensive basketball.

The subject of his ire, besides his team’s overall play, specifically targets the shooters he’s supposed to have on his roster:

Video after the jump >>