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Archive for June, 2010

Weak-Sauce, Cristiano

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That, friends, is Cristiano Ronaldo spitting towards the camera, evidently, in a fit of disgust after Portugal’s ouster at the hands (feet) of David Villa. Now, being upset after losing is completely understandable. Spitting on or towards a person that had nothing to do with the loss? Not so much.

Save for Ronaldo’s acrobatic goal, the Portuguese superstar had quite the mediocre World Cup. Perhaps the saliva rocket was intended for his performance.

H/t to HuffingtonPost for the find.

Is This Really Necessary? (LeBron James)

LeBron Tracker

Not only is ESPN loving the hype surrounding LeBron’s impending free agency (In less than NINE HOURS!!!!), they’re also one of the biggest drivers of the Lebron-hype bus, something their “LeBron Tracker” page indicates quite nicely. Obviously, ESPN is no longer satisfied with crushing local sports reporting with the invention of their city-related pages (ESPN NY, Boston, Chicago, etc), now they are looking to determine the outcome of the NBA free agency market, or at least play a major, major role.

The LeBron Tracker page is an exercise in excessive exposure. For example, the page features an “Inside the Brain of LeBron,” complete with nifty, interactive graphics that offer such gems like: “Note to self: Call Phil Jackson as soon as the playoffs end,” complete with a mental image of Mike Brown.

This makes perfect sense because it’s clearly Mike Brown’s fault when his star player essentially quits against the Boston Celtics and the rest of his would-be lottery team has to pick up the slack.

Other sections include a free agent slot machine and images of James in both Chicago and New York jerseys. Obviously, ESPN is trying to corner the market in getting the hopes up of fans everywhere.

Here’s my question: Where’s Dwyane Wade’s page? You know, the only player out of the “top free agents” who actually won an NBA title? While it looks like Wade’s staying in Miami, if James has a his own page at ESPN, Wade certainly should as well. Another thing, does this pave the way for future big-time free agents? Tom Brady’s contract is up next year. Will he be getting a page too?

Serena’s Legs Are Amazing

Serena Williams

No, this post is not a call for Serena Williams to get herself into tennis-playing shape, ala, Jason Whitlock. Instead, it’s an admiring post, one that draws attention to the reason why Serena hits such powerful shots: her amazing, cut-from-alabaster legs. Is it wrong for me to think she could actually get the rim on a dunk attempt? If her legs have any say in the matter, she just might.

If not that, perhaps she could try out as a place-kicker — the Cincinnati Bengals need some help in that department. It honestly looks like splitting the uprights with 50-yard bombs would be commonplace for Serena and her amazing legs.

As for her Wimbledon efforts, Serena and her sister were knocked out of the doubles competition, but she still has a chance to win her fourth all-grass singles title.

No World Cup Action Today

… Or tomorrow and here’s what I think of that distinction:


And this:


Granted, like a friend from my office said, FIFA could use this time off to hold a referee basics refresher course, but I’m not liking this “no World Cup” stuff at all. It doesn’t bode well for after July 11, but I’m not looking that far ahead right now. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

David Villa’s Sends Portugal Home

David Villa

And then there were eight. The first round of the knockout stage of the World Cup is completed, and thanks to David Villa’s second half goal — courtesy of some fantastic passing in close quarters — Portugal will not be participating in the 2010 World Cup any longer. So long, Cristiano. Sorry there were no nifty eye-winks for you to enjoy this time out.

For what it’s worth, Villa’s finish also deserves a wink, if, for nothing else, just how sublime the passes that freed him to score were. Villa’s sticktoitiveness should also get a great deal of credit, because his first shot attempt was deflected nicely by Eduardo, the Portuguese goalkeeper. The second attempt? Not so much:

Next up for Spain is Paraguay, who beat Japan after winning their penalty shoot-out. If Spain continues their advancement towards the final and beats Paraguay, the winner of the Argentina/Germany game awaits.

The idea of that game, alone, is enough for me to root for Spain over the Paraguayans. On the other hand, however, if the Larissa-Riquelme-will-run-naked rumor is true, perhaps I should change allegiances.

FIFA Chief Apologizes, Considers Replay

Sepp Blatter Tweet

Apparently, one can only embrace controversy for so long before said controversy grows into something resembling dissent and outright revolt. Of course, considering the refereeing mistakes endured by England and Mexico, perhaps open revolt is the only way to bring about such change. Evidently, FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter felt this as well, and in an effort to put a cork in the dissension, Blatter apologized to both Mexico and England — which I’m sure made everything better — and mentioned the need to review “the use of technology” in future World Cups.

Consequently, the principle [use of technology] will not be changed for this competition. But with what we have experienced here, it would be nonsense to not reopen the file on technology at the next business meeting of the IFAB on 20 and 21 July in Wales.

Unfortunately, the 2010 version has been mired in numerous bad calls, some that have decided the fate of the suffering team. Again, there’s no guarantee England would’ve beaten Germany (nor Mexico for that matter), but surely they should have the chance to play the game on level ground; especially when they, you know, earned such an opportunity.

I suppose we should be satisfied FIFA is actually considering using modern technology in future events, but for some reason, it feels like a “too little, too late” situation.

Diego Maradona Head is Awesomely Frightening

Maradona Head

Would calling the above guy’s haberdashery choice the “Head of God” be too disrespectful? If so, I don’t want to be right. Oh, and for those of you who aren’t convinced Diego Maradona is bigger than life, he has soccer fans wearing facsimiles of his head equaling the size of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats, therefore, your argument is invalid.

Maradona Head

That should be plenty of nightmare fuel for you, dear reader; especially if you are rooting against Argentina.

Carlos Tevez’ Amazingly-Brilliant Goal

Tevez Goal

While his first goal remains mired in controversy, there’s no denying the second goal scored by Carlos Tevez was an absolutely amazing goal. In fact, it might just be the goal of the World Cup, with no offense to folks like Siphiwe Tshabalala or Lukas Poldolski.

Now that, friends, was an absolute blast. For as controversial as his first goal was, Tevez’ second goal was just as brilliant.

In other news, Argentina/Germany looks like must-see TV. While that side of the World Cup bracket has teams like Spain and Portugal remaining, it’s hard not to see the winner of Germany/Argentina making it to the World Cup final.