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Archive for September, 2009

Is the Brady Quinn Experiment Over?

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Brady Quinn

The coach everyone in the Cleveland area loves to hate, Eric Mangini, has named Derek Anderson has his starter for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The question is, is this the end of Brady Quinn’s career in Cleveland or is Mangini simply going to install a turnstile at the quarterback position? Considering Quinn is ranked 30th out of 33 starting quarterbacks, it doesn’t look good. Another stat not helping Quinn’s chances is his paltry 5.8 yard per completion. As a contrast, the top two rated quarterbacks this season — Drew Brees and Peyton Manning — average 8.7 and 10.2 YPC respectively.

Quinn’s 1-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio isn’t setting the world on fire either. Granted, Anderson had three picks against Baltimore last Sunday, so neither quarterback are inspiring a great deal of fan confidence. Is Cleveland’s 2009 season already a wash?

Is it time to blow it up and start over, especially at the quarterback position?

Getting Closer To College Basketball

Camping Out

While we are in the midst of the NFL and college football seasons, not to mention a week away from the MLB Playoffs, it should be noted college basketball is a lot closer than you realize. What better way to demonstrate this than with Kentucky fans? UK fans are ready for their version of Midnight Madness to start, like yesterday. Case in point: there’s already a camp-out line in Lexington for Big Blue Madness tickets, which are free and will be available online as well as in person. So yeah, even though you can acquire them electronically, people are willing to spend the night outside just to get their chance to see the beginning of the John Calipari era.

By last count, about 200-300 fans are camping, waiting for 6am/October 3rd deadline.

Is It Safe To Believe in Cedric Benson?

Cedric Benson

Once considered an embarrassing bust by the Chicago Bears, it’s certainly seems as if Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson has completely and thoroughly rejuvenated his career in the Queen City. The question is, is it safe for Bengals fans to believe in Benson or will he relapse to the form and poor choices that doomed his stay with the Bears? While the jury is still out, here are some reasons to to believe:

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This is Why (Brett Favre)

This is why Brad Childress was willing to mortgage his future with the Minnesota Vikings; why he was willing to essentially disregard all the work Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson put in the off season; why he was willing to fracture his locker room; why he was willing to look like a desperate, desperate man: Because these are the types of throws only a player like Brett Favre can make. As long as Favre is content to hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson and only throw when it’s necessary, Childress’ move looks like worthwhile. Granted, Vikings opponents want to take Peterson away, meaning there will be a little more pressure on Favre if they succeed.

But as long as he’s capable of making throws like this, the Vikings — and Brad Childress — looked like they made the correct move to wait for Favre; despite the “will he/won’t he” stuff that drove everyone crazy.

He Is Risen (Tim Tebow)

Tebow Fan

For all the Florida Gators fans who were ready to immolate themselves — folks like the lady leading this post — cancel your personal emergency: Tim Tebow has been released from the hospital and is back in Gainesville. According to Urban Meyer, Tebow is doing fine and his test results were good. No doubt, however, that Timmah probably has one monster of a headache as he recovers from the hit heard around the college football world. There has been no word about Tebow’s return to the field; although, the Gators don’t play again until October 10 against the LSU Tigers.

Derrick Rose Defends His SAT Score

Derrick Rose

While meeting with reporters today for the Chicago Bulls media day, point guard Derrick Rose denied there was any wrong doing concerning his disputed SAT scores. In case you’ve been on a walkabout over the summer, here’s the abridged version: The University of Memphis was made to forfeit their 2008 Final Four — not to mention the entire season — after Rose’s SAT test scores were ruled invalid by the Educational Testing Service. This, in turn, caused the NCAA to retroactively deny Rose’s freshman year of eligibility. Of course, their ruling came a year or so after the NCAA’s clearing house cleared Rose for collegiate competition.

Nevertheless, Memphis was held responsible for the NCAA’s “findings.”

While Rose’s denial is to be expected — really, do you honestly expect to say, “Yes, someone else took the test for me.” and risk untold financial benefits that are, in all likelihood, upcoming for Rose — there are still some gray areas surrounding the incident. Namely, questions about Rose’s trip to Detroit., the place where he took, and ultimately passed, the SAT.

As for the adult in charge during Rose’s tenure — John Calipari — let’s just say it would be wise if folks like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins qualify with flying colors.

Kentucky Coaches Slap KU for Fighting

Rich Brooks Tweet

Rich Brooks thinks fighting between varsity teams for major universities is bullshit, as does John Calipari, but he doesn’t work in this meme. So much so, Brooks is willing to take their combined displeasure to the world of 140 characters worth of madness. While I’m quite used to Brooks’ “no BS” delivery, I’m kind of surprised to see he and Calipari comment on Kansas’ issues in such a public forum. I’m guessing, however, that Brooks could take Mark Mangino in a fight — provided he was willing to outpoint him and not mix it up. As for Calipari, he’s probably still mad about Mario Chalmers’ shot and is using the KU fights as an opportunity to rib Bill Self a little.

Speaking of Mangino and Self, does anyone else find it odd neither coach is publicly disciplining the players involved? While both have said things will be handled internally, no suspensions have been handed down. This includes Tyshawn “Point Plankn” Taylor.

H/t to EDSBS (via SBNation)

Pearlz N The Hood

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl gets mad love in the hood, as well as the state of Tennessee. Although, that love apparently dries out when Pearl is making jokes about a group of people known for white robes and hoods; a group founded in Tennessee. What happened was Pearl was talking about who difficult it can be to mesh the different personalities on his team because his players are from different areas. Some are from inner-city area — the hood — while others are from rural areas, or, places that have people who wear hoods. Now, to me, this is a harmless way of saying his team is diverse in a racial sense and getting these players to bond in a team chemistry environment isn’t necessarily easy.

However, because Pearl used the word “hood,” the content of his message has been completely disregarded.

After the jump including the video of Pearl >>