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Archive for August, 2009

Terrell Owens Still Wants to Help Dallas

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T.O.’s toe is feeling better, but because he’ll be missing the Buffalo Bills preseason game against Pittsburgh, he’s offering his services to his old team, via Twitter, of course. Now, while I’m sure the sentiment about filling for Roy Williams is appreciated, you have to believe if Tony Romo saw this, his first reaction would be involuntary regurgitation, followed by him blaming Jessica Simpson for everything.

Jerry Jones Wins the Monitor War

Jerry Jones
The NFL has officially ruled on the Dallas Cowboys video monitor controversy, and, unfortunately for the anti-Jerry Jones community, Jones won. According to PFT, the “monitor” does not have to be raised, and if a punted football hits it, the “do over” rule will be applied. Simply put, if a punter hits the massive overhang, the team has to re-kick the ball. Apparently, that decision isn’t going over too well, either.

Take me away, you blockquote function, you. After the jump >>

It’s A Michael Vick World

Vick Jerseys

And apparently, we are all just living in it. Has your Vick/Eagles jersey arrived yet? Worry not. Just throw on an old Falcons jersey of his. Straight Cash Homey won’t mind at all. As with anything as polarizing as Michael Vick, there are a variety of opinions on his debut against the Jaguars.



Which side of the coin do you pick?

Philadelphia Is Ready For Michael Vick’s Debut

This gem of a graffiti burner was found by the immortal 700 Level and it goes a long way in depicting just how ready Eagles fans are for Mike Vick to take the field. Oh, they’re ready for their November 8th game against Dallas as well.

What can we expect when Vick gets in the game tonight? An extended amount of reps? Some Wildcat looks? A test or two to see if his accuracy has improved? A chance to ride the Michael Vick experience? A pack of pit bulls chasing him from the field of play? An unexplained NAACP rally, supporting Vick?

Oh, wait.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the above, including the pit bull pack, happened.

Jerry Jones Doesn’t Care About Your Scoreboard Complaints

Jerry Jones

For those of you who think Jerry Jones is an insufferable ass who should be made to raise his already NFL-legal scoreboard, the Dallas Cowboys God owner has two words for you: DeGeneration X.

For those of you unaware of D-X and the infamous saying associated with their name, see more here. Moving on, JJ doesn’t want anything to do with raising Dallas’ $40 million piece of high definition heaven. Jones thinks the video board/monitor/jumbotron (What, exactly, do you call such a monstrosity?) fine exactly where it is, regardless of whatever accommodations the stadium is making for the U2 concert.

Seeing how the monitor is five feet higher than the league’s minimum requirement, can you really blame him?

Jones gets support from an unlikely ally after the jump >>

Worst Celebration Dance. Ever.


Sometimes, celebration dances are a good thing for fans. It allows players to provide some additional entertainment for the fans. Granted, the “act like you’ve been there before” crowd doesn’t usually approve, but still, sometimes these celebratory dances work. Folks like Deion Sanders, Steve Smith and Chad Ochocinco come to mind. Hell, who can forget the Ickey Shuffle? Anyway, as I said, sometimes these dances work. Other times, however, they fail. Miserably.

Take footballer-supreme, Robinho, for example. Pele’s hand-picked heir-apparent treated us to a celebration dance after a goal for Manchester City, and let’s just say Robinho’s dance failed. In an epic manner. Fortunately, we have the animated gif for you to enjoy, courtesy of The Beautiful Game; and let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed. Because the gif file is a pretty good size — over five megs — I’ll post it after the jump:

The worst celebration dance ever >>

Billy Gillispie Continues to Win in Kentucky

Billy Gillispie

The most celebrated Kentucky basketball coach this side of Adolph Rupp has given us reason to celebrate once again. The coach a lot of people stupidly referred to as “Billy Clyde” or “Coach Clyde” (Seriously, WTF? You come off sounding like a complete tool.) was arrested — still in Kentucky for some reason — for an alleged DUI. Gillispie was pulled over near Frankfort, and after refusing a breathalyzer, he was escorted to the Franklin County Detention Center. This is Gillispie’s third arrest for alcohol-related driving offenses, although, one set of charges was dropped.

Of course, that doesn’t change the Gillispie was caught driving the wrong way down a one-way street four years after his first DUI-related charge, one he plead guilty to, although, those charges were reduced.

Thanks to LEX18, we have some video of Gillispie’s further fall from grace: After the jump >>

Brett Favre Invokes Tool References

Apparently, Brett Favre’s presence in the Minnesota Vikings locker room has created enough tension, nameless sources have resorted to using Tool songs to describe the environment. Evidently, the pieces don’t fit quite like Maynard was referring to in the song.

Time now to see if they’ll fall away.

I’m curious, however, about what happens if Favre plays well. Will the pieces come back together, reestablishing positive communication?