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Archive for July, 2009

Tiger Reminds Us Why

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Tiger Woods

Tiger’s second round at the Buick Open today — nine-under, taking him to 10-under for the tournament and tied for third — reminded us why we’re concerned whether or not he’s doing well whenever he tees up. Tiger’s missed British Open cut led to missives about Hank Haney being fired, his on-course behavior (wow, he’s human and cusses like most athletes in the world) and in some cases, whether or not he still has “it.”

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Louisville = Twitter Victim

Kragthorpe Tweet

Steve Kragthorpe, head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team, is an apparent victim of a fake Twitter account, and sure enough, Erin Andrews is somehow involved. Thanks to a great find by Busted Coverage, (via the Courier-Journal), we know about Kragthorpe’s affection for EA’s infamous (and illegal) video.

Or do we?

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A Sad Day In Boston

Manny and Papi

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested dirty, and the entire Red Sox nation — including Bill Simmonsseems crushed. The fear is the two World Series titles are tainted. Naturally, Dan Shaughnessy has gone into damage control.

Video after the jump >>

Tennessee Volunteers Keep On Swinging

Eric Berry

Following Lane Kiffin’s “we’re creating interest” lead, the Tennessee Volunteers haven’t been shy with the self/team-promotion as we get closer and closer to college football season. Whether it’s promoting safety Eric Berry for the Heisman with billboards, or posing with orange Lamborghinis for the upcoming team poster, the Volunteers have it covered.

Volunteers and exotic cars after the jump >>

Too Much Drama (College Football Recruiting)

This here’s James Louis, one of the better prep wide receivers in the nation — #31 out of the Rivals top 100 receivers. Schools want him. Men want to be him. James, like most awesome prep football players, is from the state of Florida, meaning he’ll probably wind up at one of the Florida schools to play college ball, right? Not so fast, my friends. Although he is desirable recruit, Louis does not have time for any of the drama that comes along with the recruiting process.

Just ask the Florida Gators.

Florida misses after the jump >>

Michael Phelps Doesn’t Lose Much

Michael Phelps has no time for your swim suit complaints. He’s too busy following up surprise losses with world record wins. While the LZR irony is still out there, as long as Phelps continues his winning ways, it shifts towards the “out of sight, out of mind” side. This time, Phelps dominated the 200-meter butterfly, winning with a time of 1:51.51.

The previous record time was 1:52.03.

Not only did Phelps set another record, his 34th, he also surpassed Mark Spitz again. This time, it was for the most world-record-breaking performances. Spitz had 33 in his career.

Ocho’s UStream Going Well

Ocho UStreamClick for larger image

Chad Ochocinco (insert Johnson joke here) is another athlete joining the UStream phenomenon, and like most user-interactive media, the responses are about what you’d expect. Some jock-riders, some that don’t like, and some random “Tupac is alive” stuff. In other words, it’s par for the course. The hater side is represented particularly well in the lead image, and perhaps it answers the question of what Chad is doing in his time awaysomething Marbury did NOT do.

Chad Ochocinco’s UStream.

Make No Mistake, College Football is Here

Yeah, I know, there’s officially 36 days until the season kicks off, but with videos like the one I’m leading with popping up, it’s safe to say we are firmly in the grips of the upcoming season. What we have is a popular Kansas State fan, named CatMatt, and his parody of the visually stimulating “Baby, Baby, Baby” music video. However, instead of featuring hot, naked chicks with strategically placed black-out boxes, it features not-so-hot avatars of Oklahoma fans, the Kansas Jayhawk, Nebraska fans, and an awfully hungry Mark Mangino,complete with said black-out boxes.

There’s also an appearance from the Funk Bus, which helps wrap up this creation of genius. The video also helps prove there are few things greater than watching college football fans of opposing schools go at each other — even if a partially-naked Mark Mangino is featured.

H/t to EDSBS (via Corn Nation) for the find.