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Archive for June, 2009

Attention Whore Status? (Henry Brothers)

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Xavier Henry

An interview in the Kansas City Star with Carl Henry, one that was semi-refuted, has caused some eyes to open about whether or not the Henry boys, Xavier and C.J., will be suiting up for Bill Self this fall. While the primary reason this is even a topic has to do with the NBA’s “one year out of high school” rule, the story received its legs when the elder Henry dropped a number of bombs in the interview in question. The KC Star article was controversial enough, Daddy Henry felt it necessary to clear the air. Twice.

The details of the initial interview are everywhere if you feel like catching up.

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Heading For Williams Sisters Final? (Wimbledon)

Venus and Serena

Now that they have the two Williams sisters on opposite sides of the bracket, perhaps we can see what we should’ve seen at last year’s US Open: the Williams sisters battling in the final, this time, at Wimbledon. If you remember just how competitive their US Open match was, this is something you should be waiting for with open arms. Both sisters advanced today, as Serena beat Victoria Azarenka and Venus dispatched Agnieszka Radwanska. With seven Wimbledon titles between them, five for Venus, how can you not want to see these two square off against each other on Saturday?

More musing on Serena and Venus after the jump >>

The Upskirt Photographer is Back (Wimbledon)

Elena Dementieva

OK, remember the Japanese photographer that got in trouble for taking upskirt shots of Maria Sharapova? Apparently, he, or the folks he worked for, an advertising agency called Dentsu Holdings, have a new target for their upskirt lust: Elena Dementieva. Yes, we are fans of Elena, so we find these pictures partially agreeable and partially bad taste — or, was it just a lucky snap of the shutter.

Yes, I’m willing to entertain that last option, but man, the quality of these pictures make it a hard stance to defend — especially these:

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Brandon Jennings Is Oh-for-One

Language NSFW

Brandon Jennings’ infamous interview with with rapper Joe Budden is the subject of much fallout today, thanks, in large part, to Jennings’ liberal use of a certain word that begins with the letter “n.” To prove Jennings uses equal opportunity slang, he refers to his coach Scott Skiles and the New York Knicks basketball team with the same noun. Uncomfortable slang aside, for those of you keeping score of Jennings’ ability to prognosticate, you now have a result to tally.

More on Jennings’ outlook for his new team >>

Is Yao Done?

There’s a troubling report over at Yahoo Sports discussing Yao Ming’s apparently-made-from-glass feet and there’s a worry his playoff re-injury could keep the Houston Rockets center out of commission next season, if not permanently. While there’s been no direct confirmation from the Rockets about Yao’s upcoming availability, the whispers about his fragile feet are growing louder and louder:

More on Yao’s feet after the jump >>

Chris Evert Wants You to STFU (Wimbledon)

All that grunting and groaning on the tennis court — we are looking at you, Maria Sharapova and Michelle Larcher de Brito — has got to go, at least according to Chris Evert. The former tennis great indicated she, too thinks the grunting in tennis isn’t necessary and these sounds can distract from the game. As an aside, I’ve noticed something; something I’m even guilty of: These criticisms are directly aimed at the women tour members.

More on tennis grunting after the jump >>

We Need More of This (US Soccer)

Well, it was a beautiful half of soccer for Team USA. Unfortunately, they couldn’t defend against the Brazilian onslaught for two 45-minute intervals — relying on Tim Howard’s brilliance a little too much, perhaps? Nevertheless, the second goal scored by Landon Donovan was a thing of beauty. Off the top of my head, it might be one of the best goals I’ve seen scored by Team USA; although, my love for counter-attack soccer undoubtedly contributes here. Still, the goal had it all:

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James Harden is a Smooth Operator

James Harden

Is this what Sade was talking about in her classic slow jam? James Harden rocking a pimp-ass bow tie at the NBA Draft? Because if it wasn’t, it damn well should be. In other Oklahoma City Thunder draft news, one would think Russell “You Trippin’” Westbrook is all kinds of happy knowing he won’t have Ricky Rubio — Entitled, much? — peering over his shoulder. I, for one, see Westbrook’s point. I, too, would rather have the proven Harden as a running mate instead of the flavor of the month Rubio, who, while having all kinds of passing potential, looks like he could be a liability because of his shooting prowess.

Or a lack thereof.