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Archive for March, 2009

The Best Thing To Come Out of Calipari/UK

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Calipari and Friends

Have you heard the news? The University of Kentucky and John Calipari might have a mutual interest in one another. If not, a lot of folks got their servers crashed for nothing. While I’m not ready to join the “It’s a done deal” crowd, signs are pointing to yes, Calipari could very well be the new coach in Lexington. In the meantime, folks have been busy with their Photoshop skills, making “Coach Cal in UK gear” images for all to enjoy.

My favorite, however, is an animated gif that gives Orson’s LSUFreek an absolute run for his money. If things work out in Kentucky’s favor, I don’t doubt the action in the upcoming image will be live and in person for all to see this spring. Enjoy. I know I did. A word of warning, however: The image is not safe for non-broadband connections … unless you like waiting for images to load.

Animated Gif awesomeness after the jump >>

2009 MLB Hot Chick Preview: AL East

Sox Versus Yankees

This is our first (annual?) Hot Chicks look at the upcoming baseball season. In it, we’ll feature a small, best case/worst case blurb for each team, followed by the very eye candy that drives the sports blogosphere. As you can see, we’ll be starting with the league no one ever, ever talks about, the AL East. Is this the year the Yankees (and their payroll) return from being merely “good” to dominant World Series team, or will the Red Sox, et al, be able to overtake them.

Oh, one more thing: we’re doing this in alphabetical order, so don’t think this is the predicted order of finish, because it’s not.

The AL East Hot Chick preview after the jump >>

Can Your Pops Dunk Like This?

Normally, these types of highlight reel posts are saved for the LeBrons and Howards of the world, but sometimes you run across something that’s just so cool, you can’t help but sharing. Yes, the dunk in the lead video is a nice one with plenty of authority, but for me, the reason it’s so good has to do with the name of the player doing the dunking, in this case, I’m referring to Nana Papa Yaw Dwene “Pops” Mensah-Bonsu, aka, Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Apparently, Pops received his name from the same group of folks who named Dikembe Mutombo, or Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo for short.

Besides being a nifty dunker, Pops was born in London, England, which, perhaps makes him the best British basketball player — perhaps ever. There’s little doubt Pops is the best dunker from the British Isles, something a quick YouTube check helps confirm. Pops is also a big hit on Wikipedia, which is also confirmed by this screen-cap of nifty little edit that says all you need to know about the Toronto Raptor they call “Pops”.

Pops Rocks
Click for bigger image

The dunk in the lead video is from the Toronto/Chicago Bulls overtime “epic” from Sunday. For his efforts, Pops finished with 13 points and 4 rebounds — oh, and one nasty, nasty dunk down the lane.

The Hot Chick Approach To MLB Previews

Cubs Body Paint

I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world, this much is true. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the ability to hit a 90-plus MPH sphere coming right at you, as well as the ability to throw said pitch. Nevertheless, I find the regular season largely boring. With that in mind, and since baseball, with all its stats, games, and cheating, is still considered a past-time by many, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge and embrace it — especially if I’d like to keep writing about sports in the summer. No Olympics this year to distract me.

With that in mind, I figured I’d make this as tolerable for me (and you, considering my lack of baseball expertise) by adding that one element that makes the blogosphere what it is today: the hot chick. Much like everything goes well with bacon, everything in sports goes better when there’s a hot fanbase or group of attractive supporters, paid or otherwise, to call upon, leading us to our 2009 MLB Hot Chick Preview. What I plan on doing is previewing the teams, while making liberal use of any attractive fans to “enhance” whatever words you actually pay attention to.

First up will be the American League East, and I’ll go in order from there. Can Philly defend their title? Will the Yankees incredible spring spending spree payoff with a trip to the World Series? Will the Marlins ever get above half capacity after the Opening Day buzz wears off? Who has the hotter fans? Boston or New York? These are just some of the things I’ll be looking at in the next six MLB preview post — you know, the important stuff.

Stay tuned.

Twitter Monetization the NBA Way

Mark Cuban Tweet

Mark Cuban is right. Someone has finally found a way to make money off of Twitter: David Stern, the NBA’s commissioner. Proving once again he has zero toleration for Mark Cuban when the Dallas Mavericks owner criticizes officials, Stern fined Cuban $25K for a tweet that questioned a call during a recent Dallas/Denver game. Cuban voiced his frustration on everybody’s favorite new social media tool, which, thanks to Shaq’s help with bringing Twitter to light for the NBA, is obviously monitored by the NBA’s web marketing department, if not Stern himself.

Who knew microblogging could be so expensive?

As for Twitter, perhaps they should follow Stern’s lead and fine users who get out of line. Instead of looking for a new way to invent the Google text ad, Twitter’s leaders need to be forward-thinking here. If David Stern can make money from Twitter, the guys who made it should be able to as well. Perhaps they should contact the NBA’s offices to see about a commission.

Tyler Hansbrough Can’t Dunk Like Blake Griffin


Great find from The Dagger, which demonstrates not all dunkers are created equal. While Tyler and the boys beat Oklahoma for a spot in the Final Four, Griffin proved he was the best post player in the building, while Hansbrough proved he can’t throw it down — or dominate the post — in the same manner has his Oklahoma counterpart.

As we can see in the first video, Tyler elevated a tad earlier and although he wasn’t going to make it to the front of the rim, that didn’t stop him from trying to throw it through, ala, Dwight Howard’s Superman layup.

The difference in two dunkers after the jump >>

Tiger Woods Loves the Dramatic Finish

I think it’s safe to say Tiger Woods is officially back after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, thanks to his 15-foot birdie putt on the 18 hole. Was there really any doubt he was going to sink that putt? Just think how much more anticipation Woods’ win creates for the upcoming Masters.

Kentucky Fans See The World Differently Than You

Kentucky ESPN Map

As ESPN is wont to do, they posted a SportsNation poll asking if Billy Gillispie was given enough time at the University of Kentucky. Regardless of the fact the decision was not just about wins and losses — something I doubt very many considered when they answered — it’s pretty easy to see Kentucky basketball fans don’t the view the world with the same eyes as others do, especially when college basketball is involved.