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Archive for February, 2009

Kellen Winslow To the Buccaneers

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Kellen Winslow

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a new offensive solider today when they traded for Cleveland Browns tight end, Kellen Winslow, Jr. As compensation, the Browns receive some undisclosed draft picks, something Eric Mangini surely covets. Additional picks will certainly help him as he builds the team in his image — although, was trading a franchise-level tight end the way to go? As a reward for his time in Cleveland, Winslow, Jr. will now be catching passes from an inexperienced Luke McCown.

I’m left wondering how that little detail hit the Solider from the U? Is McCown somehow more accomplished than Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?

NFL Free Agency Orgy

Albert Haynesworth
“Just got paid. It’s Friday night. Party hunting, feeling right.”

The NFL’s free agency period started at midnight, this morning, and there have already been some significant signings, none quite as big as Albert Haynesworth going to Washington for a bank-breaking $100 million. The Haynesworth deal is for seven years, with $41 million being guaranteed. After signing the human defensive wall away from the Titans, the Redskins didn’t stop there, also re-signing defensive back DeAngelo Hall for $55 million over six years. Keep up with the NFL free agency signings here and, well, all over the place, actually. I’ll be contributing at Cincy Jungle as well, along with Josh and the rest of the gang.

More signings of note after the jump >>

LeBron’s Bad Night

When LeBron James takes the floor, rarely do you expect his postgame stat line to read like this: 21 points (7-21 shooting), ONE rebound, ZERO assists. The subpar shooting is understandable, but the rebounding and especially the assists? What happened there? Adding insult to bad overall game nights is the fact Yao dunked on LeBron. Granted, a player who stands 7′-6″ doesn’t have far to go to get to the rim, but LeBron went for the block and got dunked on for his efforts. I especially enjoyed the reaction of the crowd, who reacted to Yao’s dunk like it was a six-foot nothing player who dunked on James.

For their efforts, the Rockets won, holding the Cavaliers to their lowest offensive output of the season. If you are wondering how the Rockets were able to keep James under control — Zero assists? Really? — True Hoop has a post discussing this very thing. An excerpt:

After the jump >>

Basketball Rims Are Bad For Your Face

This happened during halftime of the Pistons/Hornets game last night, making the Rasheed Wallace Throws A Towel evening even more entertaining. It looks like the guy is OK, making the laughs and “Oh damn” reactions easier to live with. There’s even a moment of Rasheed throwing his towel in for the evening at the end of the video, meaning it has all of the important storylines covered. How about those Pistons? Last night was their eight loss in a row and it put them below the .500 mark for the first time — this late in the season, anyway — in a long, long time.

Are there any wins for the Pistons in sight? Which is worse, dunking your face on the rim or free-falling like the Pistons?

H/t to BDL for the find.

Wildcats Struggle in Columbia

Bad Wildcats

Ah, but which one? Kansas State or Kentucky? How about both teams. One Wildcat team went to Columbia, Missouri, while other went to Columbia, South Carolina. Both teams were absolutely beatdown by their hosts. Missouri smashed K-State, 94-74, and the Gamecocks punished Kentucky, 77-59. Two Wildcat teams in two different Columbias, yet both get beat by an average of 19 points.

The similarities don’t end there either.

Both Kentucky and K-State are 19-9 and both sets of Wildcats are fighting for their tournament lives. Both teams needed to play well on the road to solidify their tournament chances. Neither team did. Kansas State only had one player in double figures — Denis Clemente with 33 — Kentucky had two (Patterson and Meeks). Kentucky only got THIRTEEN points from the rest of their roster, so give K-State a hand there. At least the rest of Frank Martin’s team managed to score 41 to go with Clemente’s 33.

I bet Billy Gillispie would be nice to Jeanine Edwards if it gave him 41 additional points last night; besides Patterson and Meeks, only THREE other players on the roster actually scored for Kentucky.

Just … wow.

If you were seeding the NCAA Tournament today, would either team get a bid? Not from where I’m standing.

Sorry About Your Ankles (A.J. Price)

The crossover dribble is an explosive move — when done correctly — designed to create space between the ball handler and his defender. Sometimes, however, they work so well it can cause legs to break off at the ankles with such severity, folks watching are left stunned by the damage a well-executed crossover dribble can cause. Just ask Jerel McNeal of Marquette, who tried to guard UConn’s A.J. Price in particular set. The affects of Price’s crossover on McNeal’s ankles were quite devastating, as was Price’s overall game (36 points).

H/t’s across the board.

Tiger’s Feeling Just Fine

Tiger Woods

While he may not have shot his best golf, there’s no denying Tiger Woods is officially back, and he’s already in control of the PGA Tour, at least from a popularity standpoint. Of course, that’s not why Woods plays the sport — I’m thinking he really likes to win, but maybe that’s just me — but the fact remains, there isn’t a more popular star in the sports world right now. Who else would generate this kind of press for a opening round 3 and 2 win in a non-PGA Major event? Certainly not Phil Mickelson or Anthony Kim or Sergio Garcia (the list continues).

Any worries about his reconstructed knee ligament were answered when Woods was delayed on one of the back nine holes. He thought his knee might stiffen up during the wait. It did not. Woods also indicated he felt no pain in legs, although he did acknowledge ACL recovery is an everyday process.

Tiger’s press conference after the jump >>

Gerald Henderson Helps Duke Flush Maryland

Duke went into hostile territory and with the help of Gerald Henderson, the Blue Devils dispatched a Maryland Terrapins team that had just beaten North Carolina. Henderson led his team with 19 points and a nasty, nasty tomahawk jam in the second half (45 second mark). It was a big win for the Blue Devils as they ended a three-game ACC road losing streak. The game also featured a crushing pick set by Maryland center Dave Neal on Duke’s Nolan Smith. In fact, the pick was so brutal, it’s become a lively sports blog meme this morning. Apparently, the sports world likes watch Duke players suffer — especially when they win.