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Archive for February, 2008

Intentional Eye Candy: Abbey Clancy

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Ah, to be a player in the English Premiere League. Cristiano Ronaldo-led orgies, access to some of the hottest WAG wanna-be’s in the world… it’s pretty much like living the life of a rock star. Just ask Peter Crouch.

The robot-powered striker has parlayed his ability and fame into scooping one of the hotter WAGs around: Abby Clancy, this week’s IEC award winner. In case you are curious, Abbey was a finalist on Britain’s Next Top Model and finished runner-up to Lianna Fowler… not that any of that matters.

What is important is that Abbey is exceptionally easy on the eyes and is a deserving winner of this week’s award. Congrats Abbey (and Peter). Wear it with pride.

Abbey Clancy

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UK’s Patrick Patterson Out For The Rest of the Season

And the hits just keep on coming for Billy Gillispie’s first season at the University of Kentucky. Word has just came down from (via Kentucky Sports Radio) that Patrick Patterson has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left ankle.

Patterson is in a cast and will miss the rest of the season. His injury is expected to keep him on the shelf for eight weeks, which is great news… and just in time for Sunday’s trip to Knoxville when the Cats visit the Tennessee Volunteers.

This has the makings of being a typical ending for this Wildcats’ season, a season that has seen three of its best players, Jodie Meeks, Derrick Jasper, and now Patterson, fighting serious injuries.

More about Patterson’s injury after the jump ››

Arizona Fans Are Sore Losers

Actually, this behavior simply mimics what’s becoming an epidemic in college athletics. The set-up: Arizona fans were mad their team was getting housed by USC. When Davon James punctuated USC’s dominance with an emphatic dunk, complete with him pointing to the Wildcats crowd, a `Zona fan decided they’d pay him back. With a bottle of water:

Now, maybe James shouldn’t have pointed at the crowd after he spiked that dunk, but the fact remains, you don’t throw stuff at opposing players or teams. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure James was responding to 20 in-game minutes worth of heckling from the Wildcats fans. To his credit, Arizona coach Kevin O’Neill got on the PA and called his student section out, while apologizing to USC.

If this and the type of stuff the SI article refers to continues, perhaps we’ll need to start holding rivalry games in closed arenas. H/T to SbB.

Tom Brady + Calvin Klein = Undeniable Greatness

Apparently, everyone’s favorite New England quarterback is in talks to become the next Calvin Klein model. Page Six has the details. All we can say about this is:

Tom Brady

Thanks to Solis for saving all those Marky Mark ads.

Gayle Sayers Returns To KU

Gayle SayersThe Kansas Comet is returning to the campus that launched his career in order to sign copies of “Sayers: My Life and Times,” a biographical look at his life and his career with the Chicago Bears, as well as the lessons he learned and continues to live by.

Namely, having respect for the game and giving back to your community; words that could very well save the world if more professional athletes followed his lead instead of worrying about making it rain.

Sayers will be signing his book at the Kansas University bookstore between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. The Topeka Capital Journal has more:

Sayers will donate 100 percent of royalties from sales of the book to the Gale Sayers Center, a not-for-profit organization. The KU Bookstores also will contribute a portion of each sale of the book that day.

Sayers, if you didn’t know, was the youngest inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Intentional Upset: Louisville Is For Real

Rick Pitino

This is an upset in ranking only… The 18th-ranked Louisville held off the 17th-ranked Irish of Notre Dame by the score of 90-85. Led by David Padgett’s 26 point outing, Rick Pitino’s Cardinals reconfirmed to the world that the are indeed a Final Four threat in March.

An interesting note: on UofL’s site, they have the Cards listed at 13th, while ESPN has them at 18th. I guess you take the highest ranking when you are promoting your team, in this case, the AP ranking.

The win moved Louisville into a tie with Georgetown for the overall lead in the Big East conference. Both teams stand at 13-3 in Big East play. Currently, Pitino’s team holds the tie-breaker, thanks to their win over the Hoyas in Freedom Hall earlier this month. The two teams meet again, at Georgetown’s house, on March 8th.

Roger Clemens Follow-up: FBI Opens Investigation

FBIAs we indicated earlier, Congress wants to open up an investigation into whether or not Roger Clemens lied while under oath. Well, fear not, fearless leaders of the United States because the FBI has heard your call.

The FBI has begun investigating whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress when he denied taking performance-enhancing drugs. FBI agents in Washington opened the case a little more than two weeks after Clemens and Brian McNamee, his former personal trainer, testified at a House committee hearing Feb. 13, each accusing the other of lying.

I hope your denials were worth the trouble, Roger. Because whether you deserve it or not, you’ve got it now.

Over at Newsday, Jim Baumbach gives us seven reasons why Clemens could go to jail, which serves as a good recap of the errors Clemens has made during all of the Mitchell Report fun.

That Was An Easy Million Bucks

Hey look, our first hockey post. And it only took a million dollar competition to get in. What we have here is one of those fan competitions where they invite a regular Joe down to try his luck at some sort of skills competition. In this case, it’s shooting hockey pucks at an empty goal. The object of said fan-friendly exercise was to get 15 pucks into the net in 24 seconds and guess what?

We have a winner. And video:

I wish random people would come up to me on the street, asking me to perform various sports skills for a million dollars. Not saying I could get all 15 into the empty net; but still, a million dollars if I do? Where do I sign up?

H/T to FanHouse for the find.