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During the beginning of November, the Internets were alive with reports of a high school football player from Idaho punching his coach in the face during an on-field scuffle with the opposing team. As indicated by Brooks, Kipton Ramos was arrested for assaulting his coach and breaking his eye socket and his nasal cavity.

Now we have video of the incident, which originated from here, I believe.

If you notice when the fight starts, it’s Ramos that’s doing the pushing of the opposing player. Things simply escalate from there. Another thing I noticed was number 81 for the blue team (Ramos’ side) wants absolutely nothing to do with fracas. In fact, his body language seems to indicate he’s disappointed the brawl started.

As for Ramos, he was obviously kicked off the football team and suspended from school. He’s due to appear in court again on December 15.