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One of the things I love about ushering in a new year are the recaps from the year that was. You know, things like the top-10 dunks of 2007, the best plays, so on and so forth. So you can imagine my joy when I ventured over to The Offside and saw their post for Worst Misses of All Time, focusing on the sport of soccer… or is it football?

The video has some great footage of attempts on goal gone awry–really, really, awry. So the next time you miss that breakaway lay-up in your basketball rec league or drop the pop fly in your softball bar league, don’t feel bad. Even the pros screw it up sometimes and in some cases, their miscues are much more egregious than you can imagine. That is, until you see the video.

Personally, I love watching all the reactions from the players who missed so badly. Anyway, congratulations to all the players that made this video possible. You are this week’s (and the first of 2008) cumulative Player of the Weak.