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The following is the debut of one of our feature posts, Player of the Weak. This particular award goes to player who, well, performed the worst during the week that was. There are a number of criteria to consider when making this choice, but in this week’s case, it goes to a player who simply failed his team in a quite miserable fashion. This week’s inaugural winner is:

*Opens the envelope*

Adam Vinatieri!!!! Come on down and accept your gift Adam. While it’s true Tom Brady owes your right foot a life-debt, your performance against the Chargers was terrible (although, Philip Rivers deserves a serious look as well). After Peyton overcame his miserable start and got the Colts within chip-shot field goal range, you gag horrendously on the gimme kick, missing it to the right.

I’m guessing you used up all those game-winners in Foxborough?

Anyway, here’s a YouTube of the miss, complete with the Colts play-by-play screwing the call up, courtesy of Awful Announcing. Good times: