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Not Happy

If Kimbo’s kid was upset his dad got phantom punched the hell out, he’ll probably blow a gasket when he finds out his father’s bankroll is drying up. Because of a condition called “hemorrhaging money,” EliteXC is closing up shop and they have canceled all of their upcoming events.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise after the last CBS debacle where EliteXC’s golden fleece — Kimbo — got whupped by a guy with pink highlights in his head. That right there should be all you need to know about the failure that was EliteXC and their futile attempt to be a legitimate alternative the UFC. That’s what you get when you pin your company’s hopes to an unproven street fighter with mad amounts of Internet fame.

Too bad Kimbo couldn’t actually perform inside the controlled environment of MMA.

The saddest thing about EliteXC closing its doors is the future of Gina Carano, a person I thought EliteXC should’ve been promoting a lot more than Kimbo. One hopes Dana White is smart enough to see the appeal of women like Carano fighting for his company and decides to include these fighters.

Gina Carano

It’s not often you have a woman of Carano’s stature — this includes her looks and ability — that can be the face of a new UFC venture. As for Kimbo, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him try and rekindle his Internet fame, although, this may be a case of people seeing the emperor for how he is — that is, without clothes.