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Dear Mr. A. Smith,

Stephen A.Would you please help yourself to a nice cup of STFU?

In the midst of losing your WHORE-RI-BBLE television show, your weekly column for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and providing the type of analysis that makes people yearn for the return of David Aldridge, you have the audacity to target and challenge sports bloggers; indicating we are a “wreckless” [sic] ilk that doesn’t answer to anybody and that our information is “dangerous.”

Your problem revolves around the fact that a great deal of sports bloggers don’t have any credentials to speak of (a debatable point) and therefore, we shouldn’t be allowed to wax poetic about sports or the figures that inhabit them, presumably including the Mouth that Roared. What’s the matter, Stephen? Are you scared of some lowly bloggers?

What kind of threat do we pose, exactly? Could it be that there are some talented writers out there that see the game as well or better than you do and aren’t afraid to speak their minds (without the constrains of a multinational news corporation, admittedly)? Are you jealous of the freedom we have? If so, start your own damn blog and quit trying to break the backs of those that keep you in the media’s eye.

Speaking of credentials, what, exactly, gave you the qualifications to host your own TV talk show? You certainly aren’t any good on television, regardless of what ESPN’s upper management says. Why should you be allowed to try–and fail–at the talk show circuit? How much training in the field of broadcasting do you have… and please don’t say you analyze basketball on TV. WTH does that have to do with hosting a talk show?

Stephen A., you speak of bloggers being harmful to the common viewers. How? Quantify this statement with some examples and not just your unending amount of hot air. How, exactly, does a blogger hurt a reader who CHOOSES to patronize a particular blog? Are we now kidnapping our readers, forcing them to read the half-truths and outright lies posted by every sports blog ever created?

No, it seems that your problem is with the fact that most of the sports blogosphere just doesn’t like you and we aren’t afraid to drag up embarrassing moments to further our agenda of making you look even more foolish than when you yell at the TV for no apparent reason (seriously, does anything the Knicks do surprise you to the point of having to yell at viewers and co-hosts alike).

Stephen A., a word of advice: Before you turn that shotgun at the sports bloggers of the world, you may want to ask yourself why things like your Inquirer column and your ill-fated television show got taken away from you. Perhaps you’ll find your problem is not with us. It’s with yourself.

Take care and best wishes,

Chris Richardson
Editor, IntentionalFoul.com

PS: If you do decide to answer, try to do so without using your Blackberry.