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What was that, Terry? You were saying something along the lines of the Bengals beating Pittsburgh at home is akin to you winning a fight against Howie Long, right? Well, from the looks of it, you’d whip Howie up and down the field with great special teams and exceptional defense. And therein lies the beauty of guarantees in the world of sports. If you get it right, you look like a guru or a pundit.

If you don’t, you look much like Bradshaw does here: a buffoon.

For those of you who like to make season-opening wagers — you know, when the odds have been set according to last season’s results — and put money on the Bengals, your bet is looking smarter and smarter every week. Did I just call the Bengals a Super Bowl team? Not quite. In fact, as a fan, I don’t even want to hear those words, but with less than half the season remaining, you have to like their chances at making a strong finish.

How strong? That, my friends, will be determined by how well the Bengals defense continues to play.

H/t to Larry Brown Sports for the video find.