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Westbrook Dunk

While everyone is rightfully on Kevin Durant’s jock during the Oklahoma City/Los Angeles series, the arrival of Russell Westbrook is just as enjoyable to watch. Known as an impressive athlete with potential to be a good basketball player, Westbrook is blooming into an All-Star type right before our very eyes, and at the expense of folks like Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom, making the revelation of Westbrook’s game that much better. Last night, he announced his arrival in a big way by throwing down a vicious dunk over the aforementioned Odom.

Memo to Lamar: when you are that late with the defensive rotation, just let the young buck have it. Otherwise, folks like me will have a field day with it.

In other news, while I know there’s not much he can do about the match-up he’s been given, but perhaps Phil Jackson should think about finding someone other than Fisher to try and stay in front of Westbrook. He’s just not athletic enough to much of anything to disrupt Westbrook’s arrival on the big stage, something the youngster is doing loudly and in such an effective manner, it’s impossible to ignore.

For his efforts, Westbrook finished the game with 27 points (11-21 from the field), eight rebounds and four assists. If not for Durant’s 29 and 19, Westbrook would be the talk of Oklahoma City’s win. Perhaps he should be anyway. Finally, Westbrook is averaging 23 points, six rebounds and five assists against the Lakers. What’s more, he’s only had six turnovers in three games, while averaging of 36 minutes a game.

That’s not bad at all when you consider just how much he handles the ball when OKC’s is on offense.