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Reebok Body
Image is unrelated, save being Reebok. I just like the picture

First, it was Chuck Liddel and his very stacked girlfriend, Holly Northcott, working out in the buff, and now, we have the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson running through the woods with his, well, Johnson hanging out. Naturally, Reebok pixelates all the R-rated stuff, but one’s imagination can fill in the digitized boxes if one chooses to (with Northcott, that’s a big yes).

The common denominator in these naked commercials are the shoes the focal points are wearing, and considering the title of this post, the name should be quite clear. Apparently, these ads are the next step in Reebok’s evolution, one that began in earnest when they introduced the Easy Tone commercial girl (Jessica Felice) into our lives.

Here are the commercials in question, starting with the Chuck Liddell ad:

And Ochocinco’s (H/t to TBL)

And just because I discussed it, here’s the one that started Reebok down this path of celebrating the athletic body:

Since I’m a big proponent of being fair, I do feel Reebok should continue down this path paved with hot bodies like Northcott’s and Felice’s, but it’s only right that they have something for the ladies as well.