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Consider this a delayed post caused by me being absent in order to attend the Radiohead concert in St. Louis; but it’s still an awesome play to look back on. What we have is Hedo Turkoglu trying to keep his Orlando Magic alive by attacking the basket. Unfortunately for Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson’s guarantee and the Orlando Magic in general, the Prince of Detroit was there to prevent any “keeping the game close” shenanigans from taking place.

And boy did he deliver:

So, was Tayshaun’s block of Turkoglu better than the Reggie Miller block? The Miller block was probably more important because it helped the Pistons get back to the NBA Finals — a series the Pistons won, beating the Lakers for their first NBA Championship since the Bad Boy days.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane together:

Again, while the Miller block was more important — did you happen to notice the score? 69-67 in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter? Really? — but the Turkoglu block also helped preserve a series-clinching victory while furthering the legend of Tayshaun Prince. Apparently, if you need a game-saving blocked shot, don’t call Dikembe or Dwight Howard or Mark Eaton for that matter.

No, when you need your upcoming win protected, the skinny fellow from Compton, California is your man.